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Design and Industrialization of an 500t Per Year Product Line of Dietary Fibre from Sweet Potato Waste

Author ZhouYiRan
Tutor LiuWei;GuanXinSen
School Nanchang University
Course Food Engineering
Keywords Sweet potato residue Dietary fiber Industrialization Production line design The construction of production lines Sweet potato dietary fiber powder
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Inadequate intake of dietary fiber is an important reason for the increase in incidence of the cause of obesity, arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease, and other modern \Outline the dietary guidance issued by the FAO and the United States, Canada, Japan and other countries as well as in China in recent years enacted Food Structure Reform and Development Outline also confirmed that dietary fiber is one of the the structure essential nutrients of a balanced diet. Sweet potato slag as a byproduct of sweet potato starch processing products, is rich in dietary fiber. Generally as feed sold off as slag was abandoned, the slag heaps abandoned as a mountain, corruption acidification, caused by environmental pollution. The project from the point of view of the comprehensive utilization of agricultural resources, the deep processing of sweet potatoes sweet potato starch processing waste slag, to extract high activity dietary fiber, and the market as a novel food nutrition fortifier. The project has important implications for the development of the resources of sweet potato residue starch production of value-added and to promote the progress and industrial upgrading of dietary fiber production industry. The project on the basis of a small test, organized in trial production, to determine the best production processes and parameters, and analysis of the product composition and physical and chemical indicators. The results show that the product has high purity, high-held hydraulic, high fineness characteristics suitable for industrial production. The project Sanqingshan Green Food Co., Ltd., Jiangxi. The designed annual production capacity of 500 tons of sweet potato dietary fiber production line. Relying on the project according to the design requirements, after the end of the production line and workshop design work, content in accordance with the design work of the construction and commissioning of the production line and workshop. Work in accordance with the chronological order can be divided into four parts of the workshop of a civil works, equipment positioning and installation workshop two civil engineering and decoration, production line debugging and trial production. The design were studied in a pilot process, production equipment, product quality indicators; dehydration and drying process feasibility demonstration on the enzymatic hydrolysis reaction, the bleaching reaction, cleaning; basis for the design of the workshop The basic principles of the sweet potato dietary fiber production workshop overall graphic design, layout and design of ground handling design, the design of the main workshop and other related workshop; product of large-scale production program and shift production design, argumentation sweet potato residue diet classification of raw materials in the production process of the fiber, cleaning purify, deployment, material refinement and homogenization, digestion and bleaching, cleaning dehydration, dry ultrafine grinding process as well as other water treatment and materials handling, temporary storage related material balance, water, steam consumption, selection of equipment and piping design; laboratories, locker rooms, library of raw materials, finished products, accessories, libraries, packaging workshop and packaging materials library, sewage treatment, power systems, and other subsidiaries channel visit, fire exits and other auxiliary departments, layout and design, as well as labor organizations; workshop a civil works such as foundation reinforcement, water supply and drainage design, equipment location, equipment installation, stockpiled pool building workshop water pipe network layout and construction, power, The layout of the distribution system, work platform and a workshop two civil works and renovation design and construction; carry out a large-scale production of the sweet potato dietary fiber a trade, including raw materials component analysis, pilot production programs and product testing; same time, the project market and the economic and social benefits of the sweet potato dietary fiber analysis.

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