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Research of Insomnia Related Factors and the Relationship with TCM Syndromes

Author ZhaoLiZuo
Tutor GuJiHong
School Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course Chinese medicine
Keywords Insomnia Related factors Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Syndromes
CLC R256.23
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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Objectives:The insomnia morbidity is on the rise in recent years, among them the related factors that cause insomnia of the particular Chinese medicine syndromes to arouse the attention from researchers gradually. Research is discovered , the high insomnia rate has close relations with different crowd’ s particular related factors, meanwhile, the emergence of different patient’s insomnia mainly concentrates on particular Chinese medicine syndromes, which cause some group’s insomnia be taken place highly and frequently. Research this aim at, through the analysis and appraisal of the sleep situation and related factors about the crowds of young university students and middle-aged and elder people, discuss related factors causing different crowd’s sleep quality to drop;And making further investigations thoroughly about related situations of the clinical insomnia patients, combine the dialectical syndromes of Traditional Chinese medicine of insomnia, attempt to find out insomnia related factors and the relationship with TCM syndromes, offer basis for further studying and employing the dialectical theory of Chinese medicine of preventing and curing insomnia.Methods:On the basis of summarizing in system the argumentation about suffering from insomnia in "Neijing" and other Chinese medicine literature, to analyzes and deduces combining physiological and pathological while diagnosing and treatment argumentation of insomnia in modern medical science and investigations in quality that the insomnia patient survives, summarize and review the relevant theoretical research and clinical progress of insomnia theoretically. Adopt the investigation method that cross section studies, investigate the sleep situation of the students in South China Normal University and Guangzhou university of Chinese medicine amount to 276, discuss the related factors that caused the young university students’ sleep quality drops; Investigate the sleep situation of the students in the university for the aged of Guangzhou amount to 180, discuss the related factors that caused the sleep situation of in middle-aged and elderly people; Investigate the physical medicine clinic insomnia patient of the first affiliated hospital of Guangzhou university of Chinese medicine amounts to 306, discuss the related factors that results insomnia and the relationship with TCM syndromes. Investigate live collects includes the general condition, PSQI scores, physiology, body condition, SCL-90, Chinese medicine physique dividing types, clinical dialectical materials, sleeping situation, using medicine situation, diagnosing and treating, etc., and set up the database with SPSS11. 5 software, carrying out statistics handles and making the statistical charts. Counting materials uses t test, measuring materials uses chi square test, grade materials uses rank sum test, the correlation uses regression.Results:1. Sex and weight are that universities grow the influence factors of sleep quality; Influence the universities to grow the sleep quality most prominent body factors including hereditary history, operation traumatic blood transfusion history, special hobby or habit; Influence the universities to grow the sleep quality most prominent physiological factor including by bus, ship, plane, etc., the environment of the dormitory , the pressure of recent studying and working; The psychological problem will influence the universities’ sleep quality, among them body factor, forcing psychological factor, depressed factor, spiritual symptom factor and diet, etc. presenting positive correlation with PSQI total scores, terrific factor presenting negative correlation with PSQI total scores. Force symptom is university student’s most outstanding psychological problem.2. Sex , dietary , present healthy situation are Guangzhou middle-aged and elderly people sleep mass influencing factors; Guangzhou middle-aged and elderly people’s TCM physique constitution type investigation shows, qualitiy of deficiency of yang are the most, secondly it is the quality of deficiency of qi; The TCM body constitution types that influence the middle-aged and elderly people’s sleep quality are quality of deficiency of yang, angry strongly blocking quality and fair plain quality, among them, the kind quality of deficiency of yang and angry strongly blocking quality presenting positive correlation with PSQI total scores, while the fair plain quality presenting negative correlation with PSQI total scores.3. The TCM syndromes of the insomnia patient is distributed, first for the weakness of both spleen and heart syndrome, second for the fire melted by strongly blocking of live syndrome, the fire flaming by heart syndrome is the least one; Sex, age, special hobby and habits influence the composition of the insomnia patient’s TCM syndromes; Falling asleep difficult, easy be wakeing up, difficulty fall asleep after awake and unable keeping sober in daytime are four respects that distributing differences among the TCM syndromes in insomnia patients.Conclusions:1. The young university students suffer from insomnia mainly because of outside related factor reasons, mass often comes down for behaviour responding to sleep quality drop down initiated by the physiology effect that the exciting event brings about and upset psychological factor of negativity life event.2. Besides the effect of the external cause of related factors of middle-aged and elderly people insomnia, it is the function of the internal factors to be predominant. The physiology is decaying, the internal organs function is decling, lead to the type of TCM physique constitution changed, which is the important reason caused sleep quality dropping even insomnia.3. Clinical insomnia patients’ TCM syndromes are predominant by the weakness of both spleen and heart syndrome and he fire melted by strongly blocking of live syndrome, special hobby and habits turn out to be the most important external factor influencing TCM syndromes. And the emergence of insomnia no matter among the normal crowds or patients, sex is all prominent influence factors, demonstrate the incidence frequency is high in female.

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