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The Influence of Functional Additives on the Quality of Chicken Sausage

Author HaoJuan
Tutor DingWu
School Northwest University of Science and Technology
Course Of Food Science
Keywords Response Surface Methodology Chicken Sausage Phosphate Protein Starch Edible glue
CLC TS251.65
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Phosphate, protein, starch, gelatin is the world extensive food additives, they are widely used in food production in various fields, especially in meat products is very common, and is essential for quality improvement in the ham agent. In this paper, the study explore methods to improve the quality of the ham ham yield, textural characteristics, color and sensory evaluation, which can produce excellent processing, smell, taste, shape, texture and taste of ham products. The main topic of Stable Micro Systems (SMS), the British company TA.XT2i physical properties was determined by measuring the textural properties of the samples, the hardness, elasticity, adhesion, physical characteristic chewiness, resilience, and measured production rate , color and sensory evaluation indicators. The best ratio of composite phosphate and the optimal amount of yield, flexibility, and combined with sensory assessment, the best equipped of the best types of protein and the best dosage, the optimal amount of starch, mixed gum than the best dosage. Finally, compound phosphate, soy protein isolate, corn starch, mixed plastic as the independent variable, chicken sausage quality response value, using a central composite design, the establishment of a quadratic polynomial regression equation prediction model. Production to the maximum optimization of integrated quality chicken sausage the best additives recipe for chicken sausage processing. The results show that: the best ratio of composite phosphate SAP: STP: HMP = 2:3:1, and the total dosage 3.0g? Kg, were better yield, flexibility and sensory evaluation of chicken sausage , the primary and secondary order affect the quality characteristics of chicken sausage STP gt; SAP gt; HMP; of three non-meat protein in the soy protein isolate, casein, whey protein concentrate, isolated soy protein chicken sausage production rate, flexibility and sensory the greatest impact assessment, chicken sausage production rate, flexibility and sensory evaluation of the indicators are good, and when the amount of soy protein isolate 60g? kg; chicken sausage produced when the amount of corn starch 120g? kg rate, flexibility and sensory evaluation of the indicators are good; the best ratio of mixed gum Carrageenan: Xanthan gum: locust bean gum = 2:2:5, and the total dosage 5g? kg, this time chicken sausage production rate, flexibility and sensory evaluation were good indicators affect the the Chicken Sausage rate, flexibility and sensory evaluation indicators of primary and secondary order for carrageenan gt; xanthan gum gt; locust bean gum; composite phosphate add salt, corn starch, mixed rubber chicken sausage quality significantly affected (P lt; 0.01), four kinds of additives on the quality of chicken sausage order: corn starch gt; complex with rubber gt; composite Phosphate gt; soy protein isolate and optimize to get the best chicken sausage production additives recipe: compound phosphate 3.1g? kg, 61.2 g of soy protein isolate? kg, corn starch 127.9g? kg mixed gum 5.1g ? kg, under this condition, the quality value of the chicken sausage reached 220.25.

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