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Li Hongzhang and "Ding Wu Qi Huang"

Author YaoZhen
Tutor MaXiaoQuan
School Henan University
Course Modern Chinese History
Keywords Li Hongzhang Ding Famine Famine Policy in Practice
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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In 1876-1879, a past and present rare drought, Shanxi, Henan, spread Zhili, Shandong Province, known as \Ancient China, the Famine Administration about people's livelihood and the political power of the ruling class solid, but also an important basis to measure officials achievements. Dynasties during the rulers and officials worked attaches great importance to the Famine Administration Affairs, the powerful Li is no exception. \: Li on pre-disaster prevention, disaster relief and post-disaster recovery measures have received a certain effect; rectification of officialdom, selecting and appointing capable of disaster relief officials, played a certain role in safeguarding the implementation of the Famine Administration Office Relief and focus Xumin combined with shirt supplier, these are shows that his pragmatic side. As feudal dynasty officials because of the era, the traditional impact, he introduced Famine Relief measures have certain limitations: do not realize the importance of science and technology; great importance of pre-disaster prevention is not enough; does not fundamentally improve the productivity of the disaster area to resist Famine, but disaster disaster theory, palliatives, not achieve the desired effect, its consequences can not give overestimate. In addition, Li Hongzhang Office Relief process is not a real concern for the sufferings of the people, but mainly to their own political future, very selfish. This paper is divided into three main parts are discussed: the first part: Famine Administration measures introduced \The Li Hongzhang the Famine Policy in prevention measures from the pre-disaster, disaster relief and post-disaster recovery three aspects are discussed. Also introduced and implemented in order to ensure the implementation of these measures to rectify the official and selecting and appointing capable. Part II: mainly discusses the effect of the implementation of the measures of Li Hongzhang Famine Administration, respectively, from the pre-disaster, disaster relief and post-disaster measures to effect the implementation and also the entire officialdom, election elite do Relief effect analysis. Part III: The paper discusses the features and limitations of Li Hongzhang Famine Administration. Mainly from Xumin with shirt combination, pragmatic and do not attach importance to the application of science and technology, selfish and pre-disaster prevention inadequate attention is discussed in several aspects.

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