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An Analysis of Suzerain-vassal Relationship between Modern China and Vietnam

Author LiZhiLiang
Tutor HuangZhenNan
School Guangxi Normal University
Course Modern Chinese History
Keywords Sino-French War Sino-Vietnamese vassal relations Sino-French negotiations Traditional diplomacy
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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Sino-French War the Vietnam law evolution and expansion of the war, the Qing dynasty was involved in the war, one of the important reasons is the Sino-Vietnamese vassal relations. The history of Sino-Vietnamese vassal relations, is an extension of the Chinese dynasty's internal affairs in the international arena, the basic outline of patriarchal feudal system began in the Western Zhou Dynasty, China centrism its basic spirit from the Spring and Autumn consciousness, and ultimately stand out from the Han and Tang Dynasties, \Vassal relations since the end of the Northern Song Dynasty to the Sino-French War, is to maintain the link between China and Vietnam, the bond is \; follow the hierarchy of the cases, the Vietnamese New Wangdeng Ji, was canonized by the \reward tributary protection Phan states as its mission. This vassal relations stretching over time, while you're more than a tradition. In modern times, France to meddle in Vietnam. France coveted and the use of force in Vietnam, especially the signing of the Franco-Vietnam peace treaty of alliance \Before the outbreak of the Sino-French War and Vietnam made efforts to strengthen the new round of \And Vietnam vassal relations of China and Vietnam, and its significance is important, However, in France, this vassal relations are seen as the biggest obstacle to the invasion of Vietnam, into southwest China, the establishment of the \. France after forcing Vietnam signed a \But China is insisting that the ancient vassal relations and Vietnam, to deny the validity of the \Conflicts triggered by vassal relations and Sino-French negotiations mainly in three areas: suzerain-vassal system and protect the country's system of conflict; the world the concept of conflict with the notion of sovereignty; \Negotiation of the Sino-French Vietnam, Tseng Chi-tse argue, adhere to principles without losing the flexibility to seize the soft underbelly of the French, and to invoke international law, eye for an eye person in his body, showing a diplomatic genius intellect, the overall quality of a bold, but his deficiencies in its language self-contradictory and too frank, Tseng Chi-tse, the lack of diplomatic precisely the Qing government in the use of modern diplomatic immaturity. Li Hongzhang and treasure the sea, off Lee ancient Fluke promise of negotiations is around vassal relations, Sino-Vietnamese, the Qing government occlusion, the policy swings the indefinite and military defeat the Chinese eventually lose the suzerainty of Vietnam, but Li diplomacy on pragmatic and sensible still can not be denied. Before and after the Sino-French War, the Qing Dynasty of French aggression in Vietnam both anxious and helpless, led to the contention of Paul fan abandoned Phan, in the process of to solicit Jiangchen advice. This paper argues that, can not simply be Paul fan and patriotic equated, nor can abandon Phan and traitorous equated, they just the emperor waited at the different expression of Shii defense theory in different levels. Paul Phan commentators able to extricate themselves trapped in traditional and disposable Fan On the face of the new situation and know what to do, when no one could convince each other, French warships and treaties have been made for the fate of Vietnam decided. The Qing dynasty was eventually forced to take military action, as the \The Vietnam War anti-law, \Latter part of the Sino-French War, France to expand the local Chinese aggression, failed land battle in Vietnam, but has reached the sea battlefield According to qualitative purposes, from the battlefield situation, the international environment and Ru fee management to step down after France China policy point of view, are unfavorable to the Qing Dynasty. Nanguan - Lang Son victory just a casual, temporary, partial military victory, but the Qing Dynasty advantage of this \Vassal relations and more as the end of the Sino-French War and the signing of the Sino-French New Testament and exit the stage of history to this point, and Vietnam vassal relations law more colonial relationship and ultimately the formation of the national defense situation in China with strong adjacent Vietnam became a springboard for economic invasion of China in France. The collapse of the Sino-Vietnamese vassal relations is a result of the impact of Western colonialism destroyed. Vassal relations as a mutually voluntary, unwritten, does not have the force of law in international relations, has always been stressed Daishin not about \an important reason.

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