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The Research about Female Images in Popular Songs in Mainland of China (1996-2006)

Author ZhangChunJing
Tutor DaiXun
School Southwestern University
Course Logic
Keywords popular songs female image male discourse female consciousness
CLC J605
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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Popular songs, as a minor of current popular culture, the female image presented in it can provide a brand-new visual angle for our more seeing about realistic situation about female in China. On the basis, the text chooses the top-ten songs on the list of The East Wind and Cloud, the list of Chinese and the representative songs on the list of top-500 of Baidu Music to research, and adopts angle of sociality sex to classify, analyze series of characters of the female image presented in the lyric, included appearance, behavior particularity, role and relation of sex, and discuss thoroughly the sex power and the social meaning contained the backside of the image.The female image in popular songs, according to the difference of producers and singers presents different forms. The text from relation of opposite duality about male and female to start, taking the singer as latitude, analyzes differently the female image in the lyric which the male singer sings and the female singer sings. At one time, despite the themes of popular songs are numerous, the popular songs which take love as topic can best reflect various female image. Because the independence or not of female spirit can be best reflected in love and relation of male and female.Concretely said, the female image is mostly presented two forms in popular songs which the male singers sing. One is beautiful and tender Angel, the other is siren who tempts man. No matter what forms, they are from visual angle of male and results which man "idealize" and "monsterize". So "Angel" or "siren", also take male benefit as fundamentality, they reflect a kind of prevalent sexual imagination which man conceives about woman. At the same time, the female is regarded as "the second sex" to testify the male in current society; the situation makes the female not get rid of foreordination of being looked at. In popular songs, woman often is object which man looks at and becomes various forms, the flower, the cloud, the rain, the sunshine, the lake, the fire, the toy and so on.Whereas, in popular songs which the female singer sings, the molding of female image goes through a bright variation process: from "infatuation woman" that caters to the mankind traditional hopeful mind and selflessly consecrates to "treasonous woman" that spirit mightiness, independent, be suspicious of love myth. The change reflects the process which the female image converts from tradition to modern. There into, the female image, whether lonely woman who passively waits for love, clinging woman who keeps chastity or victim who selflessly consecrates are also constructed under the frame of male consciousness. In popular songs which figure these traditional female image, the relation of woman and love is equal to the relation of woman and world, the male power apotheosizes love, simultaneously encourages woman to mistake romance as obedience, to mistake love as sacrifice. Moreover, "female particularity" becomes capital to get in return isomerism love under the frame of father right and hetero, and also is intensified. On the other hand, along with social variance, people’s thought and conception transformation, there is a set of modern female image that has independent and self-determinate consciousness in popular songs to appear. They recapture control power in relation of love, they don’t treat love as full of life, and they start to pursue self-worth and meaning of existent. Despite the kind of female image isn’t universality, their appearance also forms challenge to father society which takes male power as main body.Through correlative research and analysis, totally said, in popular songs, the female image which takes male benefit as fundamentality, regards male visual field as focus holds mass. The phenomenon’s appearance, at first, shows that social and cultural mentality that takes father right consciousness as focus produces important influence to figuring image. Again, despite introduction about the western feminist theory produces influence of a certain extent to Chinese’ social mentality, owing to important distinguish about cultural tradition between in west and in China, The feminist theory, as a western cultural resource, always has a nativism problem in China. Otherwise, the media as communication position of social mainstream ideology continually emphasizes and intensifies traditional female image, and let people mistake the female image which is figured by the media from consciousness as true existence about realistic female.At last, the writing intention about the text isn’t to liquidate male power in popular songs in order to overthrow language hegemony of male in the current society, and to establish a female power society which takes female power consciousness as main body. On the other way, through the analysis and research, we will arouse independent consciousness of female and look for the more reasonable survival manner so that the female and male can harmoniously coexist in current society.

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