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Analysis of Pragmatic Presupposition in Cosmetic Advertising

Author DuXiaoLin
Tutor TangGaoYuan
School Guangxi Normal University
Course English Language and Literature
Keywords pragmatic cosmetic advertising advertisement language and social psychology
CLC H030
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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Advertising is an important social phenomenon in the global-economic time and information age. The language of advertising is factually persuasive, aiming to pass the potential consumers the information of advertised products or services and persuade them to take purchasing actions. As to promote the advertised products or service, advertisers make great efforts to utilize every possible linguistic or non-linguistic method to reach their ultimate aim. Pragmatic presupposition is one of the most effective linguistic techniques adopted in advertising language. Pragmatic presupposition has its own characteristic including unidirectionality, subjectiveness and latency, which strengthen the persuasive power of advertising language. Proper exploitation of pragmatic presupposition is a kind of strategy in communication revealed in advertising language. The strategies are studied through systematic analysis and demonstration from different perspectives in this thesis.Referring to historical and theoretical background of the study of presupposition, this dissertation gives a tentative analysis of pragmatic presupposition in cosmetic advertising language by means of psychological analysis, case study and practical analysis. The author expounds and analyzes the functions of pragmatic presupposition in cosmetic advertising language from five macroscopic perspectives: presupposition and consumers’psychology, presupposition and t advertising language, presupposition and advertising information, presupposition and the market strategies and presupposition and cultural diversity. Based on the study of all kinds of cosmetic advertisement, the pragmatic functions are presented as following in the course of communicating information. Firstly, from the angel of consumers’psychology, pragmatic presupposition is divided into existential presupposition, fact presupposition, belief presupposition, state presupposition and behavior presupposition. Secondly, pragmatic presupposition can brings simplicity to advertising language and makes it more attractive and at the same time it plays an important role in discourse coherence. Thirdly, in the course of conveying information in cosmetic ad, presupposition not only can enlarge the amount of information but also can maximize the effect in advertising. Lastly, subtle manipulation of concealment function and euphemism function can protect advertisers from prosecution, obtain euphemism and avoid consumers’unpleasant feeling and repulsion.It is hoped that this study can give theoretical guidance to application of pragmatic presupposition in cosmetic advertising language and help designers create more scientific and attractive advertisement. Meanwhile, it might shed light on consumers’identifying credibility of information in advertising and making their choice of product and service properly.

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