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Basketball Athlete Particularly the Item Body Character Traina Develop of CAI Lesson Piece

Author LiRongHai
Tutor YangPengFei
School Wuhan Institute of Physical Education
Course Physical Education and Training
Keywords Basketball athlete particularly item the body character CAI lesson piece develop
CLC G841
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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Soon develop along with the fly of education technique information and network ages, athletics education form also took place a revolution change.The our country Ministry of Education puts forward in《foundation education course the reform the outline(try a line)》:"Strongly push forward an information technique in the widespread application in the teaching process, promote the integration of information technique and academics course, gradually carry out a content of course of present the change of the teaching method and fact interaction method of the study method, teacher of way, student, the advantage well developped an information technique, pursue studies rare study and development to provide abundant colorful education environment and emollient study tool."The Ministry of Education puts forward again in《concerning strengthen the senior high vocational school the Gao particularly education the opinion that the talented person develops a work》:"Aggressive expansion calculator extended education, multi-media teaching technique, virtual technique etc. modern information technique, extension classroom teaching of amount of information, exaltation topic efficiency."But for long time, the understanding which theres aren’t a few people to the multi-media lesson piece exists a kind of mistake area, think that the multi-media lesson piece is a slide and open the extended education of the exhibition calculator is to broadcast slide with the calculator.The deviation of this kind of understanding still is because the information technical low level result in.Because but technique support of any necessity, teacher at lesson piece create incline toward usage slide this kind of to in brief and easily go of lesson piece form, result in the widespread phenomenon of"repeat to show", "lightly hand over with each other", the structure regardless practices a sex very strong outstanding course of a course still a theories and all monotonously made into slide.This is physically disadvantageous to on his/her own initiative study at the student, very difficult is to change teaching effect from the root.The importance that the information technique of the calculator extended education(CAI) and academics course integrate constitutes part, two main meanses which then carry out CAI.The tool which is gradually becoming teacher’s teaching and student to study the indispensability currently of the multi-media lesson piece, be like platform, blackboard similar have already become the infrastructure of college teaching.Pass basketball athlete particularly item body character to train a develop of the teaching CAI lesson piece, inquiry into the development of basketball teaching CAI lesson piece.Put together the traditional basketball teaching method and the calculator extended education technique knot, the teaching effect of the exaltation basketball technique lesson.Also pass teaching experiment and expert to evaluate verification basketball athlete particularly an item body character training the teaching CAI lesson piece a development of practical value and expansion value.The development of this CAI lesson piece adopted a cultural heritage data method, expert to interview a method, the method, software of the system design to draw up a method.Studied to check in great quantities relevant athletics teaching, basketball teaching, basketball body to train at home and abroad in the process, pedagogy, psychology, CAI lesson piece design with develop the book of etc., analyzed the principle and request for develop of basketball teaching CAI lesson piece.Asked for the opinion which develop an expert of several coach members with deluxe basketball and lesson piece, understand the request for develop of the basketball CAI lesson piece basic procedure.This teaching experiment object for 12 not the student of dissimilarity professional and different grade in the university and college of congeniality random equally samples total 324 people, this includes an athletics profession and non- athletics professional student among them, moreover still have the social basketball fancier 40 people and give experiment object for four usage time of months, then issue an application an evaluation inquisition form for each of them, to lesson piece of practical value carry on an evaluation.In this lesson piece develop the process, according to the basic principle of the calculator extended education and the general regulation of the software development, carry on develop according to the characteristics of basketball body character teaching.This topic includes the teaching of basic theories, basic principle, lesson piece for develop of basketball teaching CAI lesson piece to expect after need the analysis, the lesson piece the contents really settle, the contents of the lesson piece the processing, the design of the system frame of the viability assessment, lesson piece, the analysis the evaluation, data of the collections and the sorting, the write of script, lesson piece of the editor, computer creation of creation, material synthesize, lesson piece of the evaluation of characteristics and circulate environment, lesson piece.The lesson piece contents is divided into seven greatest molds a piece:The basketball athlete body trains to all say, basketball particularly the item strength character train, basketball particularly item speed character train, basketball particularly the item bear the dint character training, basketball particularly an item to bounce character training, basketball particularly an item pliant and tough character training, basketball particularly item intelligent character train.This CAI lesson piece develop for the basketball athlete technique teaching provided 1 to gather a text originally, the audio frequency, video frequency, picture, animation is at the integral whole of multi-media teaching system.This CAI lesson piece of applied changed traditional basketball teaching mode, enriched basketball teaching means, excellent turned teaching effect, raised teaching quality, promote the development of basketball teaching.This CAI lesson piece have to hand over with each other sex is strong, interface amity, the contents enrich of characteristics, it of the function lie in the teaching environment of creation humanization, provide abundant study method, affirmed develop of this lesson piece to have higher use value thus and deserve an expansion usage.

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