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Survey Research of Teachers from Kindergartens Primary and Middle Schools Work Stress in Wuhan

Author ChenMinLi
Tutor LiuHuaShan
School Central China Normal University
Course Developmental and Educational Psychology
Keywords teachers from kindergartens, primary and middle schools sources of work stress ways to deal with stress psychosomatic illness
CLC G443
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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China’s primary and middle school teachers’ mental health is becoming a worrying issue, and work stress is one of the key factors physically and mentally affecting such teachers’ health. Too much work stress can lead to teachers’ more negative behavior, and burnout, which have a bad effect on students and do mental harm to them. Such harm is called mental one from teachers. As a result, if we want to enhance the teaching quality, to improve the overall quality of such teachers, and prevent mental harm from teachers from happening, the most important is to alleviate such teachers’ stress. However, where to alleviate? How to alleviate? It’s necessary for us to have a good survey of such teachers’ stress.Using self-edited Questionnaire of Sources of Work Stress for Teachers from Kindergartens, Primary and Middle Schools, Questionnaire of Psychosomatic Illness and Questionnaire of Ways to Deal with Stress by Xiao Jihua and Xu Xiufeng in 1996, the research surveys the work stress of 1183 teachers from seven districts of Wuhan city. The survey indicates that of teachers from kindergartens, primary and middle schools, 29.6% feel quite stressed, 69.7% feel a little stressed; 85.2%feel life pressure mainly results from work stress; senior teachers feel more stressed than junior ones; graduating-class teachers also feel more stressed than non- graduating-class ones; work stress mainly comes from student issues, new demands, social environment, working conditions, working burden, competition & personal development, school mini-environment. According to the survey, we find that teachers of different levels have different sources of working pressure, and have different ways to deal with pressure. Most of them turn to solving problems and help, presenting the characteristic of maturity. They’ve realized their way to deal with pressure is reasonable and effective. The survey also shows that such teachers suffer from headaches more often at a rate of 51.3%, and from digesting ulcers, dermatitis, arthritis, itch, at a rate of more than 10%, and they are more likely to suffer from the diseases listed above than common people.

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