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The Experiment Study of Diamond Fiber Cutters Machining Particle Reinforced Aluminum Alloy

Author LiZuoWang
Tutor ZhangGaoFeng
School Xiangtan University
Course Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation
Keywords SiC_p / Al composites PCD fiber tool Material removal rate Surface roughness
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Aluminum matrix composite (SiC_p / Al composites) because of its excellent performance, has been widely used in the automotive, aerospace, military and other fields. However, due to the high hardness of the hard particles to the processing of aluminum matrix composites has brought great difficulties, such as: tool wear fast, low tool life, processing quality is difficult to guarantee, to some extent, restricted the SiC_p / Al composites more widely used. Therefore, many scholars at home and abroad committed SiC_p / Al composites cutting research from its research results is not difficult to find, the traditional tool cutting SiC_p / Al composites, there is an irreconcilable contradiction - the tool life the contradiction between the cutting efficiency, processing quality. This problem, this paper proposes a new structure of polycrystalline diamond (PCD) the fibers tool, carried out the PCD fiber cutting tools with carbide cutting tool SiC_p / Al composites compared experiment, from the cutting force, surface topography , machined surface quality, material removal rate, has opened up a new road to improve the SiC_p / Al composites processing quality and efficiency, SiC_p / Al composites cutting certain guiding significance and value of work . The main content of this paper are summarized as follows: a research status SiC_p / Al composites machining made a more comprehensive overview of the source of the idea and developed sense of the fiber tool, the main content of this paper. Describes the preparation of the PCD fiber blade, the fiber blade sharpening, the fiber blade assembly process and based on PCD fibers tool conceived SiC_p / Al composites, precision machining experimental program; PCD Fiber tool wear morphology and wear mechanism of the single fiber Blade processing SiC_p / Al composite surface morphology were analyzed. To carry out the carbide cutting tools the milling SiC_p / Al composite experiments, the use of range analysis of the legal analysis of the spindle speed, depth of cut, feed rate cutting force, surface roughness of the primary and secondary affect the status and influence trends, get more the excellent milling process parameters for the milling of the material a certain basis. A the fiber tool the processing SiC_p / Al composite process depth of cut and feed rate cutting force, explaining the fiber tool cutting force is small and radial force to the ratio of the force is greater than the traditional tools to calculate the fiber tool processing a single fiber blade undeformed cutting thickness to observe the surface morphology of materials processing, and analysis of the depth of cut and feed rate on surface roughness; surface crack formation mechanism; Finally, the material removal rate, surface quality / surface roughness, cutting force, fiber cutting tools, carbide cutting tools cutting SiC_p / Al composites were compared and analyzed. Finally, this research work are summarized, and the next step of the research work carried out.

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