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Study of Weathering Reasons and Mechanism on Painting and Colored Drawing of Chinese Ancient Architecture

Author HeQiuJu
Tutor WangLiQin
School Northwestern University
Course Archaeology and Museology
Keywords ancient architecture painting and colored drawing weathering reason mechanism
CLC TU-851
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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Due to the limitations of materials or technology and the effects of environmental factors, painting and colored drawing can only maintain about 50 years generally.Wood moisture contents directly affect the structure stability of plaster and painting and colored drawing. For example, excessive wood moisture will lead plaster to cracking and spalling. The quality problems of painting and colored drawing materials and technology can also make plaster cracking and spalling. Some inferior pigments and gold or copper foils easily fade and change color. Painting and colored drawing will be deteriorated, when explosured to temperature and humidity changing periodicly, insolating or rain bleaching and dust pollution for long times and so on.To study the weathering reasons and mechanism of painting and colored drawing and grasp the inherent mechanism of basic deterioration is the key to choose effective protection measures for scientific conservation and restoration. The issue is divided into two parts.The effects of different wood moisture contents and different plaster technologys were discussed in the first part. One flax and five plaster and single plaster samples were prepared according to traditional technique for alternating temperature and humidity tests. Then the deterioration degrees of samples in the same ageing environment were compared.The results showed that one flax and five plaster samples whose wood moisture content was less than 19% had better stability. Among high wood moisture contents samples, colored oil appeared upswelling and paintings becomed cracking by temperature and humidity changing periodicly. Totally, weather resistance of colored oil was better than that of painting.The effects degrees and weathering mechanism of environmental factors were discussed in the second part. The weathering effects of ultraviolet light, temperature, humidity, smoky, dust and rain on one flax and five plaster samples were investigated and deterioration degrees and weathering products were detected and analyzed by non-destructive or less - destructive methods. The results showed that UVB irradiation had the most effects to painting and colored drawing, then the more effects were smoky and acid rain, the following were high temperature and dust, while humidity had the least effects. Through comprehensive comparison of the stability of pigments under different environments, it was found that the color of lead oxide, mercury sulfide, cinnabar and Ultramarine were easier to fade and change color, while malachite green and lead white were more stable. Ultramarine and malachite green were easy to spall, however lead white, cinnabar, arsenic sulfide orpiment and other pigments were difficult to loss. PbO2 was found during lead oxide UVB irradiation experiment for the first time, and there was no middling product lead white. The study also indicated that ultramarine used in Chinese ancient architecture had been mixed with the least amount of glues, malachite green had a little more, and mercury sulfide and cinnabar had the most amount of glues. It’s the main reason why blue or green pigments are swapping easily. Futhermore, the retraction ratio of ultramarine is low, so its covering character is weak and pigment coating is thicker relatively, besides it is easy to dissolved in water, so it can absorb glue strongly and at last its adhesion ability to plaster is not good. UV spectra showed that absorbtion of tung oil at wavelength of 274.6nm were decreased in UVB light, high temperature and humidity.

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