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Yunnan Baipu , Baiyue , Diqiang , three ethnic costumes \

Author HuangJunMin
Tutor YangZhaoZuo
School Kunming University of Science and Technology
Course Art of Design
Keywords Yunnan Baipu Baiyue Diqiang Ethnicity Wa national Dai national Yi national dressing constitute Dressing Birthmark
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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There are total of four large ethnic in Yunnan,such as the Baipu, the Baiyue,the Diqiang,and the MiaoYao.Diqiang is the largest ethnic groups in Yunnan Province,which includes Yi,Naxi,Hani,Lisu,Achang, Jingpo,Nu,Dulong,Lahu,Jinuo,Pumi.Their ancestors in the Qin and Han period be known as the "Kunming," In the same period the national be known as Dianbo "Bai national" and the national be known as the Tibetan Tubo all belongs to the family of the Diqiang national.In Qin and Han Dynasties period the national be known as "PU" Bulang,Wa,De’ang are Nationality of Baipu Family.In Qin and Han dynasties,Dai,Zhuang,Buyi, Shui national which is known as Yue,Danliao is of the Baiyue.In the Song and Yuan Dynasties period the Miao and Yao,the Hui and Mongolian which enter Yunnan Province during this period haven’t be Classified. So this article mainly discussed and analysis the clothes of the three large national:Wa which representative Baipu,the Dai which representative Baiyue,and the Yi which representative Diqiang.The purpose of the article is carding the birthmark of the clothes of Baipu,Baiyue,Diqiang of the three major ethnic groups in Yunnan’s twenty ethnic minorities from the historical heritage of the ancient literature,painting,sculpture and from the historical investigation of the typical national dress."Birthmark" is the mark when the baby left mother.In this article,using the word in the hope that through the structure of a garment to explore "the characteristics" of "genetic" and analysis "Birthmark" in the ancient and modern national costumes and the contact Between them.In this paper,the innovation is that in the national costumes of many to seek their own "Birthmark."In addition,the paper also try to use the theory of the structure of modern clothing on classified summation of the diversity of Yunnan Baipu,Baiyue and Diqiang the three major ethnic groups’s national dress materials and technology,style structure.And combine the modern clothing structure theory in the style,use the structure theory to analysis and study it.In the clothing,because of the geographical ancient national movement capricious,and with the psychological volatile,ethnic groups, tribes or ethnic-poor stability,nationality,the title of the complex and,on the variety of costumes,or in the cultural exchange between the "subject to change custom",or change in the passage of the proliferation "of a monensin",in this historic arena,on the makeup Remove Make frequent and easy to change customs service,to a great extent, determines the national costumes of various styles.But fundamentally speaking,the style of dress and is characterized by the production of certain social and political decisions of the level of economic development,reflecting an era,a period in the development of civilization,is the development of the productive forces and economic life in miniature.Yunnan minority costumes diversity of reasons are many,complex natural and geographical conditions,the national production and lifestyle very different,the political, economic and cultural aspects of development is very uneven.Long history,and carries in the colorful national costumes culture,and this is a cause of all ethnic groups in Yunnan colorful costumes,each with distinct features of the main reasons.At the same time changes of dynasty, the political volatility in the mainstream of the society,culture change is a national dress another important reason for diversification. Therefore,the structure of a garment can not be separated from the natural environment and human environment.Yunnan Nationalities advocating traditional,between their respective national costumes in the style of certain structural components still retain their unique costumes of the levy.Papers analysis the representative national dress as a typical structure,summarized the imprints in their own respective communities and the interaction between the ethnic groups,comprehend in-depth the structure of dress of 20 minority ethnic minority by studied structure of the three representative national dress,such as Dai national,Wa national and Yi national.

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