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The Study of Applied Technology about the Loose-Leaf-Barn

Author WangXueLong
Tutor GongChangRong
School Henan Agricultural University
Course Tobacco science
Keywords Flue-cured tobacco modulation Loose leaf barn Technology Research
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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Loose leaf barn Brazilian Susa Cruz (SOUZAGRUZ) bulk curing barn out in the late 1990s a new concept. The barn was Susa Cruz named LOOSE-LEAF BARN, translated -1 is the bulk - leaves the barn. The main feature is the use of intensive baking the principle, set up two to three loading tobacco board to direct accumulation of scattered smoke loading tobacco board to replace the existing the smoke clip-and box-type intensive baking. Agricultural information network in China, the Chinese tobacco online this barn have been reported, It is reported that loose leaf barn than ordinary barn mounted smoke density increased by 2.5 times, reduce labor costs by 21.5%, reduced fuel 30%, reduce tobacco breakage 3% effectively improve the baking quality, reflecting the good, the the loose leaf barn currently accounts for about 20% of Brazil's the barn total number of. The existing research projects can learn from the tools, methods, little research work has a certain degree of challenge and originality. Take the empirical research method: that the environmental characteristics of the temperature and humidity of loose leaf barn through a lot of testing data, the fan air pressure, air volume required to conduct a preliminary test, and focus on solving the loose leaf barn \redrying rate \Better baking results the loose leaf barn barn core performance indicators, such as barn plane (vertical) temperature, inter-layer wind speed, air pressure, leaves between wind speed, air pressure, precise detection; consecutive years research experience of the project, and loose leaf barn baking performance characteristics of loose leaf barn baking process. Loose leaf barn compared to bulk curing barn and domestic promotion, the advantages are mainly reflected in two aspects: first, with the same capacity compared to bulk curing barn, loose leaf barn construction costs lower. Loose leaf barn appearance of the structure is superior to conventional bulk curing barn, only set up a two-tier loading tobacco board, lower height than the conventional bulk curing barn barn 60 ~~ 80cm certain slope roof mounted smoke chamber structure consistent heat the law of motion of the airflow, easy rain. Civil engineering costs 10-15% lower than conventional bulk curing barn; loose leaf accumulation-style baking, can significantly reduce the installed kang employment and labor intensity; reduce blade breakage baking, reduce the flue-cured tobacco production scale planting barn construction and bake link of the operating costs. According to the results of the research in recent years, loose leaf barn fitted smoke labor equivalent to ordinary barn, 44.4% and 66.7% of the bulk curing barn, per kilogram of dry smoke coal consumption and bulk curing barn is closer than the ordinary barn section coal 38.4%, 10% savings in overall cost per kg of dry smoke (including labor) than bulk curing barn, a 52.2% saving than ordinary barn, are better able to promote structural adjustment and the implementation of the sustainable development strategy of China's tobacco agriculture, accelerate flue-cured tobacco production scale, specialization and standardization process. 2005 loose leaf barn made a breakthrough in two major aspects: first, further testing the plane and the vertical temperature difference of the barn, the inter-layer (the leaf inter) wind speed, air pressure, loose leaf barn find fan wind pressure matching the best parameters; proposed and validated a the loose leaf barn four-baking process. Loose leaf barn in tobacco leaf wilting, the smoke layer internal tobacco mutual extrusion contact heat faster, but the switch will reduce tobacco and kang air between heat and mass (water), the impact of the tobacco water loss; and leaves all the moisture in the smoke layer should be from the tip portion of the foliar dissipated due to these two reasons, the loose leaf barn leaf water loss rate than conventional bulk curing barn slow, with typical \and other characteristics of water \The core of the loose leaf barn baking process, therefore, is how to make the tobacco leaf yellowing and drying process to harmonize the new process emphasizes the low temperature of the first stage of yellow, fully reinforced Paishi of the second phase of the technical requirements. Mode under the guidance of the new technology in 2005, the kang baking quality have achieved the desired results, roasted yellow redrying rate stable at 99.5%, and has been recognized by the farmers entered the practical stage, loose leaf barn cleared the obstacles.

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