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Research on Piezoelectric Water Jet Pump Based on Synthetic Jet

Author ZhangCunYan
Tutor LiXinXin
School Jilin University
Course Mechanical Design and Theory
Keywords The piezoelectric transducer Piezoelectric pump thrust reverser Advance Synthetic jet
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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The piezoelectric drive technology is widespread attention and a new field of study; piezoelectric pump the piezoelectric drive technology branch has the advantages of simple structure, small size, light weight, low power consumption, no electromagnetic interference. Piezoelectric pump technology and synthetic jet principle of integration, developed a new type of micro-sprinkler propulsion pump - the principle of piezoelectric-based synthetic jet thrust reverser jet pump (referred to as the piezoelectric the thrust reversers pump). The basis of the analysis of the piezoelectric driving the basic theory, the use of the means of finite element simulation and experimental test, the piezoelectric vibrator moving and static characteristics obtained the circular piezoelectric vibrator radial cross-section fitting equation, which derived piezoelectric pump chamber volume change in the theoretical formula, thrust reversers for the piezoelectric pump further theoretical analysis to provide the basis. Pulsating water jet propulsion mechanism, in-depth analysis of the occurrence and formation mechanism of the vortex ring, was proposed and designed based on the principle of synthetic jet circular piezoelectric vibrator as piezoelectric drive element thrust reverser pump. Newtonian mechanics and the basic principles of fluid mechanics, propulsion theoretically piezoelectric pump thrust reversers, promoting the calculated speed; piezoelectric thrust reverser pump performance (propulsion and propulsion speed) and piezoelectric vibrator drive frequency, the amplitude of the center point, and a relationship between aperture. The dynamic model of the piezoelectric thrust reversers pump inside the pump body fluid through the analysis of the kinetic parameters, the piezoelectric vibrator. The piezoelectric anti push pump fluid flow state. From the theoretical analysis of the current state of the piezoelectric thrust reverser fluid pump, flow pattern of the fluid within the pump chamber, pump provide a theoretical basis for the design of low damping and high performance piezoelectric thrust reversers; using ANSYS and CFX software combination of the piezoelectric thrust reversers pump dynamic simulation of fluid-structure interaction, access to inside the pump body fluid velocity and pressure distribution, reverse thrust to improve the piezoelectric pump design provides a theoretical basis. Developed a prototype piezoelectric thrust reversers pump. Tested by experiment piezoelectric backstepping pump nozzle aperture, the height of the pump chamber, buffer chamber parameters, the length of the flow path, the drive signal waveform and duty cycle parameters such as the amplitude frequency response of the center point of the piezoelectric oscillator to identify each parameters investigated piezoelectric anti-push pump output performance, optimize the structure of the piezoelectric pump thrust reversers. Through the comparison of theoretical and experimental analysis of the correctness and feasibility of the piezoelectric the thrust reversers pump theory derivation.

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