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Silver Based Electromagnetic Shielding Coating Glass

Author YangXiaoDong
Tutor ZhaoQingNan;ZhaoXiuJian
School Wuhan University of Technology
Course Optoelectronics and information material
Keywords Ag film Magnetron sputtering AZO thin films Electromagnetic shielding Oxidation
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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With the development of electronic technology, widely used in electronic equipment, the increasing impact of electromagnetic radiation on people's lives. Hazards of electromagnetic interference are mainly two aspects: (1) cause the electronic device produce noise even is a failure; (2) endanger human health. Therefore, the shielding of electromagnetic radiation is very important. Many of the electromagnetic shielding material is used to prevent the interference of electromagnetic radiation. In many fields, such as a highly sensitive medical diagnostic equipment, a display screen of the personal electronics device, the windows of the spacecraft, the material has both electromagnetic shielding function, but also has a high visible light transmittance. Transparent electromagnetic shielding glass good compliance with these requirements. Innovation of this paper: magnetron sputtering at room temperature on a glass slide substrate prepared AZO / Ag / AZO three film and AZO / Ag / AZO / Ag / AZO five-layer film, based on the electromagnetic shielding layer film optical film design matrix method theory, design and calculation of multilayer dielectric films, to determine the basic parameters of the layers of film material and thickness, and provides a theoretical basis for the experiment, the coated glass with high visible light transmittance and high electromagnetic shielding effectiveness of the oxidation process and mechanism of the Ag film under atmospheric conditions at room temperature. The main conclusion in this paper are as follows: 1) AZO / Ag / AZO three film department, when the silver film thickness 16nm AZO film thickness of 45nm, Film the best photoelectric, electromagnetic properties, sheet resistance 5.02Ω/sq, the maximum visible light transmittance was 86%, infrared reflectance was 95%, electromagnetic shielding effectiveness of 35dB (5.85-8.2GHz). 2) For the AZO / Ag / AZO / Ag / AZO five-layer membrane-based, when the silver film having a thickness of 16nm, of AZO film has a thickness of 92 nm, the film-based optimal photoelectric, electromagnetic properties, a sheet resistance of 2.73Ω The maximum / sq, a visible light transmittance was 70%, infrared reflectance of 99%, the electromagnetic shielding effectiveness of 40dB (5.85-8.2GHz). 3) the Ag nanofilm exposure atmosphere at room temperature will be gradually oxidized, optical and electrical properties have undergone great changes, lost a good electrical conductivity and high reflectivity of infrared performance. Ag 2 S and Ag 2 SO 4 First punctate distribution in the Ag film surface Ag film is completely oxidized to form a continuous dense Ag 2 S (containing a small amount of Ag 2 SO 4 ) films. O 2 started chemical adsorbed on the surface of the film, causing the surface reconstruction no Ag 2 O generate the Ag film is exposed to atmosphere at room temperature oxidation. Then S-containing small molecule gases (such as: H 2 S, SO , 2 ) also chemically adsorbed on the film surface, causing the surface reconstruction. The last Ag nanofilm O 2 and S-containing small molecule gas under oxidation into conical columnar Ag 2 S and a small amount of Ag 2 SO 4 particles. Atmospheric CO 2 N 2 will not film with Ag nano-reaction.

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