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Zhang Meng the Lennon academic thinking and clinical experience finishing

Author WangLi
Tutor JiZhenHua
School Hubei College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course TCM History and Philology
Keywords Zhang Mengnong academic thought clinical experience arrange research
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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Hubei,locates in central china,has abundant resource,rich products and distinctive advantages that develop the culture industry.Famous doctors had come forth in larger numbers here in the past due to its long history of TCM development. Zhang Mengnong was one of these famous doctors in Hubei and was recorded in The Series of Medical Books Written by 100 Chinese Doctors in a Century.Zhang Mengnong,bornd in Hanchuan county,Hubei province,was a famous TCM physician in Hubei college of TCM and a nationwide clinical expert.As a victim of the war,he moved from Hubei to Hunan,Shanxi,and many other places.Wherever he went,he practiced TCM and cured many difficult and complicated cases.He was loved deeply by local people due to his noble medical morality and excellent medical skills.Since 1959,when the Hubei college of TCM was founded,he had worked in the college and its affiliated hospital as a teacher and a doctor.Zhang Mengnong not only made an outstanding contribution to the development of TCM but also cultivated large quantities of excellent TCM doctors and made great contribution to TCM education.However,systematical study on his life story,academic thought and clinical experience are few,which indicates further study is necessary.In this paper,A Guide to Clinical Practice,The Series of Medical Books Written by 100 Chinese Doctors in a Century and their related literatures were reviewed and studied.The main content can be divided into four parts as following:Part one:Brief introduction of Zhang MengnongHe had an Original name,Bing Cheng,and a literary name,Hong Biao.was born in Hanchuan county in Hubei province.He practiced medicine successively in Hubei,Henan,Shanxi and many other places.After the liberation of China in 1949, he returned to his home town and became a teacher of the Hubei college of TCM in 1959.Mrs.Zhang devoted himself to medical cause.Being intelligent and diligent,he read great many books.He drew essence from these books and combined with his own experience.He attached great importance to making treatment according to syndrome differentiation,and seeking for causes or original sources of diseases.He also advocated the combination of making treatment according to syndrome differentiation,and choosing a formula for certain disease according to disease differentiation.From the aspect of prescription,he learnt from the ancient doctors’ experience with creativity,and was not only good at using formulas recorded in classical TCM works but was also good at choosing herbs and formulas which proved to be effective but were not recorded in books.As a doctor for more than 50 years, Mrs.Zhang saved uncountable lives.He had always exerted himself in practicing medicine and teaching.Part two:Mrs.Zhang’s road to success:We ascribed his success to three aspects based on the data collected by visiting Zhang’s families and relatives and the study of literatures including Biographies of Present Famous TCM Doctors in Hubei Province,Annals of Hanchuan County, Anecdotes and famous saying of Zhang Mengnong:(1)Studying for the purpose of application.(2)Be good at innovation.(3)constantly sum up.Part 3:Contribution to TCM education:Zhang Mengnong has committed to TCM education for decades and cultivated many students.He insisted on teaching students in accordance with their aptitude and attached great importance to research of teaching methods.He also emphasized on the cultivation of self- study ability.Apart from teaching in college,he also took apprentices who worked with him to take pulse or copy his prescriptions.In this way he did all he could to passed his personal experience to the next generation.As we mentioned above,Mr.Zhang did great contribution to TCM education.Part 4:academic thought and clinical experienceHis main academic thoughts can be divided into eight characters based on the study on four books including A Guide to Clinical Practice,The Series of Medical Books Written by 100 Chinese Doctors in a Century:sub-volume of Zhang Mengnong and his manuscript of analysis of proved cases of periappendicular abscess which remained unknown until I collected it in his former residence.(1)He proposed we overcome prejudice against other medical schools, promote the spirit of letting a hundred schools of thought contend,and encourage the combination of western medicine and TCM in pursuit of benefiting human being.(2)He is good at using emetic method and purgation to eliminate pathogenic factors and Attached great importance to strengthening genuine qi(3)He is good at treating cough(4)When treating phlegm-fluid retention,he emphasized on etiological syndrome differentiation and visceral syndrome differentiation(5)He is good at using formulas recorded in classical medical books and formulas or herbs which are not recorded in books but proved to be effective

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