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The Supernaturalism in Coleridge’s Poems

Author TanYong
Tutor ZouJianJun;LiDingQing
School Central China Normal University
Course Comparative Literature and World Literature
Keywords Samuel Taylor Coleridge nature imagine supernaturalism
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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Samuel Taylor Coleridge is the remarkable talent in the British poetry history,his sings The Rime of The Ancient Mariner and two cripple poems Kubla Khan,Christable opened the foundation stone of the British Romantism poetry for him.Though his creations time is extremely brief,work amount also far not nearly other poets,but we can’t deny his great position of British poetry history,either the profound influence to the future generations.In Coleridge’s poetry,with obvious supernaturalism color,this is also the cause that his poetry is not declining.His conception of nature,his imagination theory,his poetry and song creation all have close relation to his supernaturalism concept,the factor which is forming his supernaturalism theory is very complicated,from Germany philosophy to British tradition philosophy,from ancient Greece literature to 19 centuries literature,he is absorbing these nutrition unceasingly.Therefore to discuss Coleridge’s supernaturalism in his poetry and song has important significance,it is a important part of the romantism poetry,moreover it is the most important ingredient of the entire romantism moves, because of the exploration in supernatural field,Coleridge pushes the subject matter and connotation ofromantism poetry into a more vast space.This text mainly discuss Coleridge’s poetry theories,combining his poetry work to carry on analytical,combing with analysis it’s supernaturalism theories of the contents, commentting the relationship with nature and supernatural,imagination and supernatural, and from his three chief poems further concretely discussing the relationship of its creations of supernaturalism and philosophy,European literature tradition and west theology,so we can get the value of supernaturalism theories,and announce to the future generations of the influence and the meaning.This text is totally divided into three chapters,chapter one is main to put forward its supernaturalism theories from the Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s poerty theories.Section one mainly analyzes the relationship of supernaturalism with nature,the premise of supernaturalism is copying beautiful things in the nature,the aim of supernatural doctrine is surmounting the nature,section two mainly analyzes the relation of supernaturalism and his imagination theories.Chapter two mainly analyzes the performance of supernaturalism in Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s poetry.Section one around supernaturalism and Germany philosophy,inquirying inside the philosophy of surname verse.Section two analyzes supernaturalism and European literature tradition,from Greece literature to natural poem tradition arriving again to civil literature,inquirying into the relationship of supernaturalism verse creations with them one by one.Section three analyzes the influence of west theology to the supernaturalism.Chapter three discuss the supernaturalism’s art value,section one analysis Samuel Taylor Coleridge how to oppose classicism fetters with poetry and song practice:Opposing ideal classicism aesthetics "idealization" and "generalization";Opposing the classicism creating which is short of free consciousness and life mental consciousness;Opposing classicism imitation natural.Section two analyses the independent in poetry appreciation of the value from the personage,form,language.The concluding remarks part has summed up Coleridge’s effect and whose limitation creating to future generations in supernatural field exploration.

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