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Explore the political and cultural dimensions of the villagers ' autonomy

Author ZuoNa
Tutor BaoXinJian
School Qufu Normal University
Course Political Theory
Keywords Villagers' autonomy Political culture Dimension Democracy at the grassroots level.
CLC D422.6
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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Seventeenth Party Congress report points out: \diverse forms of democracy, expand its channels, and carry out democratic election, democratic decision making, democratic management and democratic supervision of the people according to the law directly exercise their democratic rights, and the management of local public affairs and public welfare undertakings, the implementation of self-management, self-service, self-education, self-monitoring democratic oversight over cadres, the people as masters of the most effective and most widely used approach, must focus as the basis for the development of socialist democratic politics to promote this important exposition of the grass-roots self-government (including the villager autonomy) work carried out specified in the direction. Development of rural villagers' autonomy, has a fundamental significance for the construction of socialist democratic politics. The villagers' self-government is a complicated systematic project, requires not only economic, institutional, organizational security, and also the need for political and cultural protection. Quest from the point of view of the political and cultural the villager autonomy of many reasons, and then to find the path to solve the problem is the ultimate research goal of this thesis to achieve. Around this goal, the writing of this paper is divided into four parts, the first part first introduced of villager autonomy and political culture connotation and theory, as well as to study the significance of the villagers autonomy from the political and cultural point of view. The second part of the paper from the villagers 'self-government has been achieved with two angles of the main problems that currently exist, the reality of the villagers' autonomy to be a comprehensive discussion. The third part of this paper is to analyze the existing problems in the villagers 'autonomy from the political and cultural point of view to analyze the cause of the problem in the villagers' autonomy, specifically from the three traditional political culture, village culture and the current political culture in rural areas realities. Finally, the fourth part is trying to do in the choice of the path of development and improvement of villagers' autonomy to explore. Methods from the research point of view, the topic is the subject of a highly comprehensive. This issue to the rigorous, scientific research, using a variety of theoretical analysis framework and research methods, the main use of the political and cultural theory, theory of autonomy, democratic theory, and the villager autonomy law and the party's relevant provisions, and strive to on the basis of scientific theory, through the use of comparative research, analysis and synthesis, theory and practice of unity of scientific method, practical problems into the field of view of theoretical analysis and explore. The use of a specific study of this writing the main means of two literature method, understanding and absorption of the 1980s, especially in theoretical circles since 90 article writings about of villager autonomy and political culture, the study concluded. The field survey to record the reality of rural social and political behavior observation and interviews with sexual activity in order to get the real information about villagers' autonomy and rural political culture.

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