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The Research and Design of Aeronautic Three-axis Servo Turntable Control System Based on C8051F and CANbus

Author ZhangZhaoXin
Tutor LiTieYing
School Taiyuan University of Technology
Course Control Theory and Control Engineering
Keywords Three-axis servo turntable Kinetic model C8051F MCU CAN bus Tricyclic circuit Servo algorithm Simulation System
CLC TP273.5
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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With the country's achievements in the field of aerospace, with the \Turntable as a key loop simulation and test equipment in areas such as aviation, aerospace, and plays an extremely important role in the development process of the aircraft. Turntable performance is directly related to the reliability and confidence of the simulation and test trials, is to ensure that the basis of aviation, aerospace and weapon system accuracy and performance. Therefore, the research and manufacture of the turntable has important implications for the development of the aerospace industry and national defense construction. The paper first analyzes the mechanical structure of the three-axis servo turntable, mechanical indicator, servo system, mechanism and technical requirements, according to the the rotation transformation theory and Lagrange equations and mathematical theory of knowledge and combined with the corresponding laws of physics kinetic analysis of the turntable, three degrees of freedom turntable space coordinate system and the kinetic theory of equations, and then combined with the implementation of the motor model and goniometric system model derived mathematical model of dynamics of three-axis turntable. Secondly, the concept of the servo system, the dynamic steady state performance as well as the development of the modern servo technology, and pointed out that the epidemic and the advanced nature of the technology used in this topic, and then leads the overall design of the system and gives a general framework schematic design, design platform: the core part of the hardware platform and the \Hardware platform based on CAN bus adapter processor parallel microcontroller acquisition and processing system, and focuses on the CAN bus communication circuit design and debugging; \the servo motion control algorithms, such as PIP algorithm, PID algorithms and position interpolation algorithm and so on. And then on the basis of the two platforms, \Again CAN bus concepts, principles, communication protocols, network construction principle and topology, a simple statement of the design standards of the CAN bus system, and a detailed analysis of the host simulation PC, CAN bus communication adapter hardware structure and working principle The given circuit used in high-speed optocoupler 6N137 chip, CAN bus transceiver TJA1050 chip to use and design ideas, CAN bus communication interface circuit design based on the use of Prote199se. Finally, the host simulation computer software development and design of the monitoring system, belonging to the management level, man-machine dialogue platform VB6.0 software development. Function structured and modular design concept, design simulation system monitoring screen. Then debugging and simulation systems, hardware and software platform to test the CAN bus communication adapter the the PWM wave pulse output control circuit and Sanhuan servo control system simulation using MATLAB / SIMULINK, and Powerlib software, verify the feasibility and advantages of the system.

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