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Study on Synthesis and Insecticidal Activity of 3-(3,4-methylenedioxy-6-alkoxy) Acrylamide Compounds

Author XuCong
Tutor ZhouWenMing
School Northwest University of Science and Technology
Course Applied Chemistry
Keywords Acrylamides compound Synthesis vilsmeier reaction wittig-horner reaction Insecticidal activity
CLC TQ453.2
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Create efficient, low toxicity and environment friendly pesticides , botanical pesticides with its own unique advantages to develop new pesticides hot , looking for new active substances from natural substances of plant origin or known active natural products as a template , structure modification , the introduction of the known active groups or sub- structure , thereby increasing the level of activity , filter out the performance ratio of new pesticides with better natural active substances , new pesticide discovery is an important way . The natural product pepper amide has significant activity, and because of its simple structure, the transformation of great potential, the possibility of synthesis of natural product as a pesticide Template of Pepper amide structure of acrylamide and acrylamide compounds are widely used in other fields of industry, medicine , pesticide . This thesis is based on the above ideas, test the design and synthesis of new pesticides to natural acrylamide compounds - pepper amide as a template . Sesamol as raw materials, by etherification , four-step reaction synthesis of the Vilsmeier reaction , Wittig-horner reaction, hydrolysis of the three intermediates . 4A , 4b and 4c, the total yield of 64.4% . 4a, 4b and 4c the precursor synthesized 26 3 - ( 3,4 - (methylenedioxy) -6 - alkoxy) acrylamide type compound , wherein Compound 23 not been reported in the literature , the structures of all compounds recognized by IR, MS, 1 ~ H NMR and ( 13) ~ C NMR modern spectroscopic methods . Containing poison blade method imidacloprid 26 target compounds were measured concentration of 150 mg / L , the insecticidal activity of the larvae of the armyworm ( Mythimna separate ) as a positive control , the results showed that : 26 target compounds were certain insecticidal activity (adjusted mortality rate of 6.7% to 66.7% ) , which compounds 5b- 7 , 5b , 5c- 5c-5 insecticidal activity , were 50.0% , 50.0% , 53.3% and 66.7% . These findings provide a basis for further study of the structure-activity relationship of acrylamide compounds and structural transformation .

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