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Electromagnetic Characteristics of Metamaterials and Application in Microwave Circuit

Author LiuKaiYu
Tutor LiFang
School Institute of Electronics
Course Electromagnetic theory and microwave technology
Keywords Metamaterial Left-handed materials Complementary split ring resonator ( CSRR ) Defected ground structure ( DGS ) Frequency selective surface ( FSS )
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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Anisotropic media ( metamaterials ) refers to the negative permittivity ε and permeability μ in one or all of synthetic material , the paper in-depth study of anisotropic media specific electromagnetic properties and microwave circuit . The papers study of dispersion in the left-handed materials Doppler frequency shift and the uniaxial anisotropic medium Cerenkov radiation characteristics , the use of the dispersion of the finite difference time domain ( FDTD ) method for the numerical simulation . The study results showed that: iso to strong dispersive characteristics of the media left-handed material can affect both the direction of the Doppler frequency shift , size and bandwidth of the reflected signal ; uniaxial isobutyl appears obtuse Cerenkov radiation in the medium . The paper studies the characteristics and application of complementary opening ring resonator ( CSRR ) structure . The CSRR by etched on the ground plane shape of the split ring resonator ( SRR ) gap to achieve negative effective permittivity near its resonant frequency . The paper gives each element in the two different structures of the CSRR microstrip line element of the equivalent circuit model and the circuit model parameter extraction formula . CSRR structure based on equivalent circuit model applied to the low-pass , band-stop and high-pass filter design , analysis and design methods based the CSRR structure of the new coupling microstrip directional coupler . The results of the numerical simulation and experimental measurements show that based on the CSRR new microstrip coupler can be implemented in a wide frequency band within the tight coupling . Thesis, a new type of defected ground structure ( DGS ) structure in microstrip filter and coupled microstrip directional coupler . Traditional band-pass filter of the opening of the ring structure is difficult to meet the requirements of a wide band , the DGS resonator opening of the ring structure can effectively improve the coupling coefficient between resonators , and thus can be used to design wideband bandpass filter . This paper proposes the use of DGS technology to improve the traditional coupled microstrip directional coupler coupling and bandwidth . THz band anisotropic media is still in the exploratory stage. In this thesis anisotropic dielectric structure frequency selective surface ( FSS ) in the THz band filter characteristics , the FDTD method with periodic boundary conditions to the the FSS frequency characteristics of the dielectric structure of several different numerical simulations .

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