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Preparation、 Intercalation and Performance of Ni2+-Ti4+ Layered Double Hydroxides

Author GaoWei
Tutor HeJie
School Anhui University of Technology
Course Industrial Catalysis
Keywords co-precipitation method Ni-Ti-LDHs anion-exchange ethanethiol photocatalytic
CLC O611.4
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Ni2+-Ti4+ layered double hydroxides is typical interlayer with anionic, known as its anionic-exchange and laminate constitute, their catalytic properties can be improved via modulate their physical-chemical properties.In this study, Polyanions of transition metal (POM)、Anionic oxalate complexes (MOxn-) and (3-cyclodextrin (β-CD) intercalated into Ni2+-Ti4+ layered double hydroxides, which was prepared by co-precipitation method. The materials as-prepared were characterized by means of power X-ray diffraction(XRD)、Scanning electron microscope (SEM)、Transmission electron microscopy (TEM)、Fourier transform infrared(FT-IR) Spectroscopy、UV-visible Diffuse and Thermogravimetry and Differential Thermal Analysis (TG-DTA). The photocatalysis oxidation suspetibility were evaluated by FT-IR.The results indicated that Ni-Ti-LDHs was prepared by co-precipitation method with triethanolamine (TEA) as the inhibitor, which is polycrystalline and crystalline structure is complete. Intercalated product of MoO42--LDHs、H3 Nb6O195--LDHs Zn(C2O4)22--LDHs、Fe(C2O4)33"-LDHs、β-CD-LDHs and CM-(3-CD-LDHs were synthesized successfully by anion-exchange method, the material had obvious layered structure and it also maintained complete. The result of XRD revealed that spacing after exchanging is consistent with the theoretical results. FT-IR result showed that the characteristic peak of NO3- is Completely disappeared and appeared the corresponding feature peak of anionic into the interlayer, the products are expected. The layered structure was collapsed because of the dehydration, the materials’diffraction peaks is 37.04°,43.1°and 62.86°, then the corresponding multi-metal composite oxide were obtained by calcined at 500℃.In the static state, first catalysts adsorb ethanethiol, then the photocatalysis oxidation reaction was executed under UV-light, the suspetibility were evaluated by FT-IR at last. The result revealed that Ni-Ti-LDHs have no adsorption and photocatalysis for ethanethiol, however, the product was calcined at 500℃has adsorption and photocatalysis oxidation activity for ethanethiol because of its base on the surface, ethanethiol was converted into sulfinic acd and so on. MoO42--LDHs、H3Nb6O195--LDHs and calcination products has obvious adsorption and photocatalysis oxidation ability to ethanethiol, due to Mo6+ has good catalysis oxidation activity and niobate is a product with fine response to UV-light. Zn(C2O4)22--LDHs、Fe(C2O4)33--LDHs and calcination products also has obvious adsorption and photocatalysis oxidation ability to ethanethiol, doping with Zn2+、Fe3+ can decrease the band gap of photocatalysis, moreover, Zn2+ and Fe+ have adsorption and photocatalysis oxidation ability. In short, adsorption and photocatalysis oxidation ability to ethanethiol can be improved by anion-exchange with functional anion.

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