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Crystal polarizing prism effect of the laser beam

Author WangTao
Tutor WuFuQuan
School Qufu Normal University
Course Optics
Keywords Physical Optics Polarization optics Crystal polarization prism Laser beam Gaussian beam Bessel beam Light intensity distribution Interference
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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Polarizing prism made from natural optical crystal Iceland spar is made of natural calcite crystal optical performance and stability, transmission Wide spectral range (240 ~ 2800nm), birefringence, it is not hygroscopic, etc., so polarizing made therefrom prism in the current application of laser technology has been widely applied. With the application of laser technology, especially information on laser and laser optics field in the rapid development of the laser beams with more and more people's attention. In addition to conventional single-mode Gaussian beam, Hermite - Gaussian beams and Laguerre - Gaussian beams, some new light also been proposed, and has been widely used, such as Hermite - cosh - Gaussian beams, flat - Gaussian beam, cosine - Gaussian beam, oval - Gaussian beam, super-Gaussian beams, etc., but most of these beams can be essential to get the beam multiplied by the corresponding factor. In addition, J.Durnin proposed in 1987 in Bessel beams, since this intensity distribution of the beam propagation time does not change with the change of the distance, or the change is small, which has a \related research interests of researchers. Currently, for a variety of laser beam through the optical system, various types of media transmission and transformation rules, there are a lot of theoretical and experimental research, and the formation of a mature research methods, namely the transformation matrix and the light from the ABCD ABCD law departure by Collins formula discussed beam transmission problems. However, when the laser beam through a combination of crystal polarization prism transmission problems, due to the combination of an air gap or a polarizing prism glue layer optical interference phenomenon exists, it can not directly write. Combination of light polarizing device ABCD transformation matrix, so can not directly use the Collins formula discussed beam transmission problems. Of course, this interference phenomenon is different from the optical resonator interference, can not directly use the cavity beam theory to solve the transmission beam through the air gap or glued layer transmission problems. This interference from the basic theory, combined with a variety of crystal polarizing prism common structural features, in-depth analysis of the laser beam on the prism surface boundary of each component of the reflection and transmission, as well as resulting in the interference caused by the prism, eventually given a variety of common crystal polarizing prism (including Glan - Taylor prism, Glan - Foucault prism, Max Planck - Hess prism, Glan - Thompson prisms, Lipu Qi Wollaston prism and prism) to common laser beam (including single-mode Gaussian beam, Hermite - Gaussian beam, Laguerre - Gaussian beams and zero-order Bessel beam) distribution of light intensity mathematical expressions. This article also gives a variety of prisms further laser beam effects of various structural parameters of the prism (including structural angle prism, glued laminated layer thickness and refractive index of the medium) the relationship between the results of computer simulation, and on the Grand - Taylor prism, Glan - Foucault prism and Glan - Thompson prism effect on single-mode Gaussian beam was experimentally verify the theoretical analysis, experimental results prove the correctness of the theoretical analysis. In addition, the theoretical analysis and experimental results show that: when the laser beam parameters or prism side surface of the prism angle is changed, the transmission beam is cyclical oscillation, and the amplitude and frequency change, compared with the words, the air-gap prism pair is greater than the impact of the laser beam optical adhesive glue prism, while in the air gap crystal polarization prism, the light intensity distribution of the laser beam greatest impact is the Grand - Foucault prism. The main innovation lies in: through a variety of common polarizing prism crystal structure analysis, gives the laser beam on the prism interface between the various components of the reflection and transmission characteristics, and further analysis results of the laser beam inside the prism interference properties, which ultimately results polarizing prism crystals commonly used laser beam intensity distribution affect mathematical expressions; And, according to the expression of various simulation plots prism effect of laser beam parameters with prism pattern. In addition, the design of the experiment, the three prism laser beam intensity distribution on the influence of experimental verification, the results prove the correctness of the theoretical analysis.

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