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Aqueous Enzymatic Extraction of Walnut Oil and Functional Properties of Walnut Meal

Author LiJin
Tutor ZhangGuoQuan
School Northwest University of Science and Technology
Course Of Food Science
Keywords Walnut oil Aqueous method Aqueous Enzymatic Crude protein
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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The nutritional value of walnuts, walnut oil unsaturated fatty acid content. Walnut-oil mainly to squeeze hard deep processing and utilization of walnut protein. As test materials Shaanxi commercially available walnut agent walnut oil and aqueous enzymatic process conditions are optimized, a comparative analysis of the two processes resulting quality of walnut oil, protein meal features and aqueous enzymatic resulting protein meal hydrolysis conditions of its product antioxidant was studied. Made the following findings: (1) in the aqueous method extract walnut oil, the refiner feed water than churning time, the centrifugal speed oil yield were highly significant. The optimum conditions for liquid extraction of walnut oil: stir oil temperature 25 ° C, and stir in the oil time 4 h, the the refiner feed water ratio of 1:3, the centrifugal speed of 4800 r / min, the oil rate can reach 72.00%. (2) in the aqueous enzymatic extraction of walnut oil, stir oil temperature and churning time on oil yield maximum enzyme dosage, pH, oil yield, stir oil temperature, churning time The oil yield significant influence. Aqueous enzymatic extraction of walnut oil optimum conditions for churning temperature of 55 ° C, churning 120 min the enzyme dosage 17500U/100g slurry pH value of 4.5, the oil yield up to 77.34%. (3) the oil extraction process of the aqueous method, the Aqueous Enzymatic extraction of oil absorbent process for walnut crude protein, oil absorption have significantly improved solubility of crude protein, two crude protein surface features characteristics are poor. (4) Aqueous Enzymatic - crude protein hydrolysis after fully skimmed 1 h to reach more than 90% of the maximum degree of hydrolysis. Taohe crude protease hydrolyzate · OH radicals, ABTS radicals, DPPH radicals have strong scavenging of superoxide anion radical scavenging capacity is not obvious. There is no clear correlation between the antioxidant capacity and the degree of hydrolysis of walnut crude protease hydrolyzate. (5) in the aqueous method to extract walnut oil, walnut protein denaturation temperature when the temperature is lower than that in the churning, as the temperature rises, the oil rate dropped; temperature higher than walnut protein denaturation temperature, oil yield increase with increasing temperature. Aqueous Enzymatic extraction of walnut oil, walnut cryopreservation for aqueous enzymatic extraction of walnut oil oil yield significant adverse effects; pH value of the oil yield, walnut protein solubility the smaller oil yield Vietnam high.

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