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Preparationandapplication of Pan-Based Amphoteric Ion Exchange Fiber

Author ZhouHuiYuan
Tutor WuZheng
School Beijing Institute of Clothing Technology
Course Textile Chemistry and Dyeing and Finishing Engineering
Keywords PAN fiber amphoteric ion exchange optimum adsorption regenerate
CLC TQ342.31
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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In order to develop PAN-based ion exchange fiber to enhance the usefulness of ion exchange fiber,PAN fiber was used as substrate in this study. the preparation of amphoteric ion exchange fiber from polyacrylonitrile fibers. the polyacrylonitrile fibers with styrene,divinylbenzene and ethylenediamine carried out UV graft polymerization,copolymerization,chloromethylation and amination to generate the product need,the cation exchange capacity of the product is 2.19mmol/g, the anion exchange capacity of the product is 0.73mmol/g and the mechanical strength is correspondingly good.Through the exploration of various process parameters of the study,the optimum synthesis condition.Method of IR and SEM were used to characterize the ion exchange fibers.The result indicate that the method in weak acidic/weak basic amphoteric fibers from PAN fiber is feasible.Fluoride,silver and calcium ions adsorption conditions of the fiber from aqueous solution were stuied by static state method,the influences of different pH conditions and concentrations on the adsorption properties of the fiber were discussed.The results showed that the fibrous sorbent had high adsorption capacity and quick kinetic property for fluoride ion and silver ion and calcium ion.The adsorption kinetic process can be described by Lagergren pseudo-second-order equation,and Freundlich model can simulate the adsorption equilibrium in the studied concentration range.The adsorption capacities for fluoride ion and iodide ion were 1.28mmol/g,0.52mmol/g and 0.55mmol/g,respectively.Measured the performance of fiber regeneration and this process showed the fiber was easy to regenerate and can be used repeatedly. The amphoteric ion exchange fibers of absorption behaviors and desorption behaviors were investigated by static state method and dynamic method. The result indicate that the total exchange capacity of the amphoteric ion exchange fibers were 2.92mmol/g.The desalting rate of fibers as high as 95%,the results have been achieved the desalination needs of wastewater treatment in exchange;Hot water can be recycled amphoteric fibers, the heat regeneration efficiency of fibers as high as 94%,most of the salt can be washed.Thus the fibers have good adsorption properties and reuse performance.

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