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Development and Application of Digital Substation Monitoring System

Author YangShuMei
Tutor LiZhengJun
School Shandong University
Course Control Science and Engineering
Keywords Digital substation Monitoring system Configuration Database Run
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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With the continuous growth of China's national economy and people's living standards, increasing supply reliability and security have become increasingly demanding. And in recent years, with the rapid development of the power system, as well as unattended substation mechanism in full swing, substation automation rapid development of substation monitoring system is also increasingly occupy an important position. The purpose of this paper is to design a digital substation monitoring system with independent intellectual property rights, according to the actual need to add or improve some functions can easily, and better protection of the safe operation of the power system. According to actual engineering requirements and existing resource analysis, this paper uses the hierarchical distributed object-oriented technology to Windows 2000 as a development platform, select Microsoft Visual C 6.0, Delphi and other development tools, design of digital substation monitoring system. This paper first introduces the background and significance of the development of digital substation monitoring system, and then a brief description of the content and tasks of the research. Determine the tasks and objectives, the paper design the digital substation monitoring the overall architecture of the system, and then follow the modular design concept, the development of digital substation monitoring system is divided into a number of modules, and a detailed analysis of the need to implement the function of each module. After the demonstration, decided to adopt the spiral model as the development model of the system, progressive layers, the progressive realization of the entire development goals. From the digital substation monitoring system functions and application level, this system is divided into the configuration database and run three modules, each module corresponding to a finer division. The configuration module is one of the most important part of the substation monitoring system, according to actual needs, the configuration module is divided into project management module, the data point configuration module, the monitor screen configuration module and monitoring reports configuration module. The database module connecting links in the middle of the monitoring system, it is connected to the configuration and operation of two modules, data acquisition, processing, storage, need the support of the database interface. The need to save the data to a historical database device communication module industrial field data collected through the database interface written to the real-time database analytic processing in real-time database internal alarm to meet the conditions of alarm data dump file the dump functionality implemented by a separate program, also through the real-time database interface functions. The run module visualization platform for the entire system monitoring software system into the operating environment after the first boot device driver, so that the communication module of the system began to work. Communication module from the on-site data collection and analytic processing after the final results are sent to the real-time database, start the process of historical data dump and script cycle simultaneously running threads. The script cycle running thread responsible for timely and real-time data is read from the real-time database displayed on the monitor screen, and timely processing intermediate variables results in order to monitor the screen display correctly, historical data dump process is responsible for the timing of the data from the real-time database dump historical database for statements of historical curve the call. Finally, through a specific project details the application of the monitoring system, in the form of screenshots shows the specific steps and effects of system applications.

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