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On HanShan DeQing’s Explaining Teaching Sections in the Light of Chan School

Author ZhuJiChen
Tutor WuZhongWei
School Suzhou University
Course Chinese Philosophy
Keywords Chan Teaching Huayan Weishi Pure Land
CLC B948
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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Hanshan ,who lived at the end of Ming Dynasty, inherited the tradition of Song’s Buddhism. Although Hanshan was regarded as a disciple of Chan school,he was also a great master in the area of the doctrines of Teaching sections and dedicated to harmony Chan and Teaching sections.Hanshan not only believed Chan was consistent with teaching, but also tried to explain Teaching in the light of Chan.The reason why Hanshan tried to explain Teaching in the light of Chan was that Hanshan was an important figure of Buddhist reform in late Ming Dynasty and he wanted to harmony Chan/teaching to redeem the decline of Buddhism monastery in late Ming Dynasty.This article was divided into four parts.Firstly,I give a brief introduction of the concept of Chan and Teaching and introduce the term of“explain Teaching in the light of Chan”.Secondly,I analyse Han shan’s understanding Chanism.Dued to his Chan’s identity,Hanshan sticked to Chan’s position.By discussing Hanshan’s thinking Chan and self-cultivation as well as his Tathagatagarbha thoughts,we can master Hanshan’s Chanism.Thirdly,I study Hanshan’s thoghts of Chan consistenting with teaching. Because Hanshan believed that Chan is uniform with Teaching, he thought it was proper to explain Teaching in the light of Chan.In this section, I mainly analysis Hanshan’s explaining the thoughts of Huayan and Weishi.The last part is discussing Han shan’s thought of explaining Pure land school.Although Hanshan was a Chan monk,he disseminated Pure land school Since Chan and Pure land are consistent,both of them should be raised together in this section,I especially analyse Han shan’s dealing with the relation between two theories of Pure land:Weixin(唯心) and Xifang(西方). Hanshan’s thoughts made a very big contribution to Buddhism’s revival in late Ming Dynasty.Moreover, Hanshan’s works also tell me the fact that Buddhism had to make adjustment diligently in the interior and respond positively in exterior,since Buddhism was faced the pressure of the huge social change and the thoughs outside of Buddhism in late Ming Dynasty.Hanshan tried to redeem the decline of Buddhism monastery,however,he failed to do it finally.

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