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The Double Piano Performance and the Teaching Preliminary Exploration I See

Author LiangZhiYuan
Tutor ChenGuoHong
School Northeast Normal University
Course Musicology
Keywords Two Pianos Playing technique Teaching Cooperation Control
CLC J624.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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Music education has a long history in China, with the development of music education in China, with the deepening of the reform of the education, high teacher music education has made great achievements, but behind the achievements, there are a lot of shortcomings and omissions as piano education should be among the students four years of college and give them the most abundant piano courses, give them a wealth of knowledge structure, the practice of the far-reaching theory of piano and piano playing style. Music education in our institutions of higher learning piano education is not comprehensive curriculum is unreasonable, in the form of a single student research directions are also extremely narrow. A distinctive personal characteristics and ability to cooperate as a pianist in order to both do have some difficulties. For this reason, people try to use a variety of methods to solve some of the problems which, dual piano playing training is very useful method. The double piano playing is both an independent art form, is a training method plays an important role in the comprehensive development of the piano soloist. The Piano Duo training of high-level player keen hearing, can improve all aspects of the strong visual reading skills, strictly rhythm, a sound grasp of the work and the ability to feel, the ability to listen to and control of the piano sound, imagination qualities, at the same time, it is also a training soloist with orchestra tacit cooperation, scientific way to improve ensemble capacity has other courses irreplaceable role. How to carry out a systematic, scientific, practical, the perfect combination to make up our current deficiency in the piano teaching, our teachers and students should strive to research and explore the high level of piano teaching, teaching. With this subject, I was concerned about the two pianos status abroad, students go to the St. Petersburg Conservatory in Russia studying, he was a one-year comparison study. Came home to me looked very deep income, during which I am also concerned about the contents of the two pianos of scholarly publications in Russia. Piano education in Russia in terms of history or today, are in a leading position in the world. We found one of the greatest the Russian piano teaching piano teaching different, that is, the teaching of the Russian piano, two pianos course occupies an extremely important position, has his complete teaching system. They have a rich system of teaching materials and syllabus, course content covers the outstanding works from the Baroque to the contemporary three hundred years, science teaching, the mechanism of performance practice. They also have a step-by-step, the a hierarchically students training plan, some of the students in the undergraduate learning, the main direction is Chamber Music and Piano Duo: they have a high level of faculty, a number of outstanding, highly experienced the professor engaged in the teaching of a special two-piano performances. Higher music institutions in our country, the creation of two pianos course, only a minority of mostly elective, not systematic, teaching materials is also very messy, but also the lack of scientific arrangements and plans. To some extent, this situation has hindered the further development of our piano education. So, today in our extensive double piano teaching culture Piano Duo talent imperative this article from the history of the two pianos, our two pianos conditions, dual piano playing and teaching aspects profound analysis of the two pianos this depth The present situation and development of the value of the research topic, by comparing the current situation at home and abroad, the comprehensiveness of the Chinese piano education is indeed inadequate, the double piano playing and teaching research is imperative. Admittedly, I'm in the graduate phase of the survey, you can not do everything, see the literature is also limited, may not solve the problem of the nature of the foundation. However, I will be realistic to strive to do my thesis, with the full data, the hard facts, the spirit of pragmatism and delve into the attitude to complete the writing of this paper.

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