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Dazai consciousness of guilt \

Author WangRan
Tutor XuMingZhen
School Jilin University
Course Japanese Language and Literature
Keywords Christ Characters Psychological structure Justified Treachery Works Representative writers Guilt The defensive Literary creation
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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Dazai is important genre of the history of modern Japanese literature \The Dazai creation, a lot of their inner distress hands of literary works, humble discussed on the short story \Talk \This novel by hero Judah psychological changes reflect deeply Dazai himself inner consciousness of guilt, in-depth understanding of the writer, creative thinking is an important work. Humble theory is to start from the text first parsing the meaning of Judas and Christ two characters, analysis of Judah, complex and contradictory psychological structure and its causes, on this basis, to clarify Judah and of Dazai as a \common awareness, discusses the of Judah image of Dazai guilt consciousness. Clumsy On the first the first research of the sort, and to clarify the need for a departure from the text characters connotation re-parse. As the first study in the strong results of Watabe Fang Ji's two yuan Theory (Judas of Christ's \, but still can not make a reasonable interpretation of the works of the climax of Judah inner chaos. Therefore, we need to re-inspect the structure of feeling of Judah of Christ, and Christ figures significance, explore shaken out of the heart of Judah, and caused the root causes of the ideological confusion and mental bankruptcy. Second, the \Judah loves to Christ. But this love is fragile and dangerous. Judas wound in the heart of escape everyday life exclusive, narrow heart, jealousy, and ultimately the conversion of \Moreover, Judah was a contradiction of \Moreover, he betrayed Christ to Christ dubbed a variety of notoriety to own betrayal rationalization to justify. However, after a hard-fought bitter struggle against Judah and not peace of mind. Works of Christ are twofold image: as idealists mortal Christ, and as a prophet that God's agent of Christ. Behavior of this in the name of self-defense under betrayed Christ, also means that the symbol of the Christ is absolutely ideal of betrayal. Judah, no matter how stressed its stance as a \The root cause of Judah degenerated into non-Redemption by the betrayal of ideals and it is this sense of guilt. On the last study Judah Dazai psychological similarities, discusses the the Judas figures Dazai guilt consciousness. Ideal longing - inner contradictions - betrayal - betrayal and guilt consciousness, these four key points in the process of Judah behavior, it is also Dazai their similarities in the psychological structure. Dazai youth to accept communist ideology and to join the left-wing movements, and later succumbed to outside pressure from the movement, betrayed their faith. This belief, the root causes of consciousness of guilt Dazai thought ideal betrayal. Dazai betrayal he had so ardently longing ideal and a deep sense of guilt and self-loathing, and this feeling sustenance Judas \The mental state of prevarication in the bird screaming, whinge Poguanposhuai, but solemnly bowed introspection extracted from guilt, self-loathing guilt consciousness, and make it a driving force behind their own literary creation. And Dazai this work in \From here we can also see that the Dazai guilt conscious deep. Talk of Judah, Judah image Dazai consciousness of guilt is the support of the most fundamental things in this novel. As mentioned above, the humble theory \in common, discusses the of Judah image of Dazai guilt consciousness.

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