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Research in Mirror Image Relationship of Literature Existence

Author SunZuoZuo
Tutor LiuYu
School Northeast Normal University
Course Literature and Art
Keywords Literature exists World Writer Works Reader Dynamic exchange Mirror relationship
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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What is literature? This is the first and most fundamental problem faced by all literary theory, and all the other problems are arising from such. This question Literature Ontology. Literature Ontology in the West experienced a long process of evolution, its evolution and the evolution of philosophical ontology related. Open the History of Western Aesthetics, we can find different thinking of literature ontological, such as the imitation of the ancient Greek poetics theory of the symbols of the Middle Ages and Modern Poetics reproduction and performance. All of these doctrines and theories want to answer \The first part of this article first combing modern Western aesthetics learned ancient Greek poetry Literary Ontology of Literature Ontology views of each period as well as the presence of defects and deficiencies that they only reveal certain aspects of literature and art, a the nature of the hierarchy can not summarize the essential characteristics of the literature as a whole. Second, we discussed the Literature Ontology rethink in the context of Western philosophical ontology paradigm shift from the \Literature is not a fixed thing exists in a space, literature is a mental phenomenon, it is always in flux, is a dynamic process. Therefore, we should grasp the literature exist in a dynamic, to the literary existence itself down in the ontological model to explore the literature, from literature itself appeared to us as to examine it. Literature four basic elements exist in isolation from the rest of the world, a writer, a reader, literature exists on the performance of the interaction between these four, the dynamic process of mutual exchange and dialogue. Therefore, the starting point of literary works, the second part of this article discussed literary works with the world (the objective world and the subjective world of the writer), literary works, and readers showed interaction, exchange and dialogue mirror relationship . Mirror relationship between the four elements constitute literature is not closed, isolated and insulated. On the contrary, mirror relationship between the open and interconnected. Not only works with the world, works with readers there is a the interactive mirror relationship, and works with readers, writers and readers of mutual restraint, interact. Literary presence is reflected in this open mirror relationship. Therefore, the third part of this article focuses on the existence of literature, exchanges and dialogue between the world, a writer, a reader. In addition, also literature exist as the creation and acceptance of social communication process, to explore the literature exist as a social phenomenon, revealed the presence of literary social exchange.

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