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Study on Boiler and Auxiliary Equipment Optimization Operation in Coal-fired Boiler Room

Author ShiGuoJun
Tutor GaoBingKun;HanTingXiu
School Northeast University of Petroleum
Course Control Engineering
Keywords Coal-fired Boiler Air-coal Ratio Frequency Conversion Control Distributed Control System
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Coal boiler room for oil field there, low efficiency of combustion control and the auxiliary boiler operation consumption problems of large, first of all, strengthen the heating system operation management and timely effective adjustment, according to outdoor temperature variation adjust coal-burning boiler and flow, excess air coefficient of total volume air adjustment, the control, the primary and secondary air adjustment, bed temperature adjustment, bed pressure adjustment, especially in burning process to ensure that the wind coal proportion do not exceed the specified threshold value, adopting the total fuel and total air cross limit, that is always fuel and the change of the total volume air instructions to the current value of the limit by the other party, to ensure that the burning of the stability and full. Second, in order to further reduce the consumption of electrical energy of power auxiliary equipment, inverter power is to save the main measures. A fan motor retrofit and frequency conversion control, circulating pump frequency conversion control, conveying system motor frequency control. Third, developed a coal-fired boiler room boiler DCS control system. As monitoring and controlling system integration management control scheduling, the whole monitoring system monitoring scheme including PC system, controller, distributed I/O and network equipment, to realize the coal boiler operation management science and timely effective regulation of the heating system, the operation condition of the monitoring of the monitoring results of analysis and research, make a heating system optimization operation scheme with outdoor temperature changes, such as boiler load rate curve, and the auxiliary boiler optimized operation table, guide operation management personnel according to regulations to operate. Finally, based on the torch coal boiler room optimizing operation and energy saving transformation, the implementation of benefit analysis is expected to 3.8 heating period the investment can be returned, although the initial investment, but in the larger development technology innovation, ensure stable heat supply, improve the working environment, strengthen the environmental protection construction has important meaning for the realization of the enterprise for a long time, the rapid development and lay a solid foundation, so as to improve the quality of heating, the purpose of saving energy.

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