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Micro- regional communications industry under the Business Hall siting Comprehensive Evaluation and Empirical Research

Author ShiYan
Tutor ChenZhengWei
School Chongqing Technology and Business University
Course Statistics
Keywords Micro-location Location index system Analytic hierarchy Process comprehensive evaluation
CLC F224
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Microscopic location theory is the further development of location theory in thisnew era, site selection of enterprises is an important direction of the application oflocation theory. The employ of location theory in site selection has undergone differentdevelopment stages, generally speaking, the focus of study mainly frommacro-environment to medium-environment and then micro-environment. Siteselection of enterprises is of both applicability and actual operability, and particularfactors of microscopic location environment must be inspected under conditions ofinfluence of macro and medium environment. It can be said that site selection bymeans of microscopic location theory is a new research direction, it is also a favorite oflocation theory.In recent years, Telecom industry competition is increasingly fierce. Variousoperators take establish and improve marketing service channel as the importantstrategic deployment in the future. therefore, perfect marketing channel is priority.Self-owned channels (self-built and self-supporting hall) is telecommunication serviceplaces which provided business consulting, accept and pay cost, after-sales service andterminal sales to the users. Self-owned channels are not only contact telecom-operators and markets with clients as the bridge, but also the important way to extendenterprise market and customers service. The location and development of self-builthall is a long-term investment for operators. Business hall siting is big-budget and longperiodicity and inflexibility, once choice can not change easily.How to choose business hall location is the important to realize strategy and targetof operator. And macro-location, meso-location and micro-location should beconsidered synthetically when choosing business hall location. Moreover,Micro-location research is the setting point of choice of meso-location andmicro-location. Therefore, choosing operation location should firstly make evaluationon the macro-economics strength, and then combine telecom industry to reviewterritorial GNP, added value of tertiary industry, percapita disposable income, mobile phone number, total retail sales of social consuming goods, saturation andpurchasing power evaluation index; Choosing location scientifically should start fromanalyzing the business district, namely choosing the best location should based on thecharacteristics of the meso-environment. And choosing business hall location isactually to review development condition of meso-environment based on the influencefactors, such as business types, the number of collecting customers, and the number ofattraction points. From the analysis method of micro-location, the final position fordecision of location should make evaluation on the proposed location of business hallfrom various points, such as the traffic conditions, store location, geographical location,competitive analysis etc.Operators must take cautious attitude to Self-owned channel siting. Obtainingsuccess need comprehensive many factors, applying scientific methods to locationalchoice.This paper establish business hall location evaluation index system,which basedon reference scholars study of location theory and factors.As site selection indexsystem, author had investigated twelve self-built hall of chongqing. By using AHP andcomprehensive evaluation method, we can take a location ranking for twelve homebusiness hall. This can analyse operators location strategy. Meanwhile, the twelvebusiness hall evaluated by secondary indexes. The artical hold field survey and microenvironmental together, in order to highlight the rationality of evaluation index systemon hall location. On the other hand, this is a success using on hall location bycomprehensive evaluation method.

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