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Research on Infrastructure Planning of Regional Development Planning

Author SunZuo
Tutor WangLi
School Liaoning Normal University
Course Human geography
Keywords regional development planning infrastructure planning Dalian Economic and Technological Development Zone Water Supply Planning
CLC TU984.18
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Infrastructure can generally refers to four system, specific including transportation system, water supply system, energy and power system and communication system. Infrastructure of publicity, a duality, systematic, long-term, indirect features, is the social economic activities, the normal operation of the social economic modernization is based, is an important symbol of productivity layout rationalization premise, is the effective way to stimulate economic growth, but also an important part of the construction of national defense.Infrastructure planning is an important content in regional development planning, but also is one of the important topics in " Twelfth Five Year Plan" , and it adheres to the macroscopic and overall characteristics of regional development planning and has a general guide to the construction of various infrastructure. But how to carry out infrastructure planning? what is the starting point for planning? what is the content of planning? what kind of order will be used to carry out the planning? And which technical approach will be used? So far there has been no systematic theoretical summary and system analysis to examples. So in this research, we discussed the theories and methods of infrastructure systems planning and tried to answer these questions.This paper puts emphasis on the combination of economic development zone of dalian actual research infrastructure planning, especially the author participation in the dalian development zone " Twelfth Five Year Plan" in the infrastructure planning project research work, in a lot of domestic and foreign literature access, on the basis of regional development plan for the infrastructure planning positioning, theoretical foundation and planning ideas and technology issues related to the system, and on the rational research with dalian development zone supply an empirical study. The study includes seven parts: the first part introduction, clarify infrastructure planning research background, significance and the domestic and foreign research situation; The second part planning theory, discusses the basic infrastructure definition; The third part planning research contents, principle, mainly introduced the infrastructure planning the contents, principle and application problems such as main software; The fourth part planning process research, mainly illustrate infrastructure planning ideas, processes, including development evaluation, demand change analysis and forecast method; The fifth part example analysis to Dalian development zone supply plan as an example and puts forward specific planning advice; Six, seven parts, summarizes the conclusion of theory and technology innovation, and empirical analysis significance. This paper tries to from regional development planning height, from infrastructure and regional economic and social development to promote each other, and puts forward the comprehensive planning considering the infrastructure planning theory, principle and technology method and make innovation in the following four aspects: (1) the article introduces the planning methods used. Assessment and prediction, and software technology, etc, and referencing method of usage of urban planning, and to make planning method part criterion more guidance and operational, make infrastructure planning easier to understand and easy analysis; (2) for planning process of qualitative description. Clear the infrastructure planning; the objective: I ij = Iij o±ΔIij±Pij (3) Established system planning process. Infrastructure planning content is extensive, material multifarious, through systematic summarization of planning process, planning method, can be complex the problem is simple and stark change, will infrastructure planning process is divided into "survey and assessment", "scientifical prediction", "reasonable projections" three parts, and consider the industry, population and development level for infrastructure development factors of influence, let infrastructure planning conforms to the social economic development requirements; (4) to dalian development zone as an example, case for scientific planning, introduction to provide reference case infrastructure.

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