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Study on Preparing the High Performance Fiber and Nonaporous Fiber by High Viscosity Nylon-6

Author ShiChaoMing
Tutor ZhaoGuo;JiaQingXiu
School Beijing Institute of Clothing Technology
Course Materials Science
Keywords high strength and high modulus PA6 dry-spinning solvent content decomplex
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Preparation for high mode PA6 fiber, this paper chooses anionic polymerization by sedimentation pulp get relatively viscosityη(r) of 18.5 31.5 of the nylon 6 (PA6) powder, to formic acid as solvent, calcium chloride for complexing agent into local complexation PA6 solution with self-made frozen glue spinning device, through the dry spray wet spinning-draft-solution-hot finalize the design of complex process, frozen glue, glue of frozen spinning spinning mechanism and process conditions on further research. The complex than the 0.15, level in the range of 16% 20% of nylon 6 complexation fluid get spinning research. Concrete exploration of frozen glue spinning process PA6 fiber structure and properties change, different than, frozen glue complexation spinning temperature, pressure, coagulation bath temperature and air section and coagulation bath ratio of distance on the conditions of the influence of the performance of the fibers, and with the SEM, TEM, POM, EDS, FT-IR, WXRD, DSC and TG were single, powerful instrument, such as means of INSTRON test PA6 fiber samples characterization. The results show that PA6 / CaCl2 / formic acid solution after silk spray hole and coagulation bath, the original silk after complexation Tg relative to pure PA6 rise 60-70℃, Tm disappear, crystallinity is low, fiber interior with micro hole exist; Fiber after complexation remove CaCl2 solution, after the original silk and finished product solutions complexation Tg of silk and returned to the initial value, Tm crystallinity increased, fiber empty gradually disappear within; The solution of the mechanical properties of silk (higher than the original silk, and finished product complexation largest silk 10 times, the highest tensile modulus 32.33 GPa, strength 0.53 GPa.Preparation for the nanoporous PA6 fiber with good performance, at first, we studied the effect of different solvents, different molecular weight PA6 and different concentrations of PA6 solution on morphologies and mechanics properties of polyamide 6 electrospun fibers. The results show that the adding of low boiling point nonsolvents made the electrospinning process easier and the morphologies of electrospun nanofibers better. Fiber diameter increased and fiber diameter distribution was broader with increasing polymer concentration and PA6 molecular weight. The aim of this research is to establish a simple and efficient method to fabricate porous UHMWPA6 nanofibers using calcium formate or CaCl2 as the porogens. Surface morphology, thermal properties, crystal structure and mechanical property of the composite and porous fibers were investigated. The removal of calcium formate particles was confirmed using FTIR and TGA tests. SEM and TEM observations revealed the formation of the porous structure in these nanofibers. INSTRON tests showed that the strength of nanoporous fiber films can reach to 24.3 MPa. The article also tried to use CaCl2 instead of calcium formate, and obtained the UHMW-PA6 nanoporous fiber too.

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