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Study on Spinning of High Viscosity Polyamide-6/Rare Earth

Author SongPeiPei
Tutor ZhaoGuo;JiaQingXiu
School Beijing Institute of Clothing Technology
Course Materials Science
Keywords high viscosity weight PA6 complex decomplex dry-spinning Electron-spinning
CLC TQ340.64
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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In order to prepare high-strength and high-modulus PA6 fibers and fibre membrane ,PA6 powder with relative viscosity in the range from 18.5 to 22.5 was prepared by anionic polymerization ofε-caprolactam. Using gadolinium trichloride (GdCl3) as complexing agent, formic acid and hydrochloric acid as mixed solvent, the solution systems of PA6/GdCl3 with different complex ratios were prepared. Indepth study was made on the chemical effect happened between lanthanon ions (Gd3+)and PA6, the dry-spinning and electrospinning process .First, structures and properties of different PA6 samples were analyzed by scanning electron microscopy (SEM), FT-IR spectroscopy, X-ray diffreaction (XRD)and UV-vis Spectroscopy. Second, in order to get the suitable solution for the dry-spinning and Electrospinning process, the solvent ratio, the complexation, the concentrations and the solubility temperature were investigated. The last, using the selected solution , the dry-spinning and electrospinning was completed. Effect on dry-spinning fiber, pressure, temperature, winding speedon was investigated. Effect on electrospinning fibre membrane, the spinneret parameters, solvent, concentration, complexing ration was investigated too. Fiber property and morphology property were studied by the methods of SEM, FT-IR, XRD, DSC, and Instron.Results showed that, the chemical effect happened between lanthanon ions and PA6 by destroying the internal hydrogen of PA6, and the complexation power was influenced by the mole ratios between lanthanon ions and PA6. The performance was the best to the dry-spinning with the complexation of 0.04 and the density of 22%. With the increasing of the spinning pressure, elastic modulus and breaking tenacity apparently improved. Good performance fibers could be obtained. In the electrospinning, It was best for electropsinning in this experiment when the mixed volume ratio was 1:3. It was the most conducive to spinning when the solution concentration is from 12% wt to14% wt(slice) . With the increasing solution concentration, the diameter of fiber would increased simultaneously. When the complexing ratio increases, the fiber infrared vibration significantly reduced of the internal group, showing the increasing degree of complexation.

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