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Finite Element Simulation on the Conductive Asphalt Concrete Snow Melting and Deicing

Author ShuMingYang
Tutor SongGuQuan
School Nanchang University
Course Mechanics
Keywords Conductive asphalt concrete Electrical properties Road performance Finite Element Simulation Snow and ice
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Asphalt concrete has been widely used in airport runway pavement layer of high-grade highways as well as roads and bridges. Asphalt mixture belong to the insulator material resistivity of about 107-109Ω · m. By adding an appropriate amount of conductive phase material, can significantly improve its electrical properties, preparation of asphalt concrete has a certain conductive properties. Conductive asphalt concrete pavement snowmelt ice has without disruption to road traffic, snow and ice in a timely manner as well as green advantages, be asphalt pavement winter snow and ice have a profound impact. In this paper, the continuous gradation design mineral aggregate gradation, AC-13 design method to optimize the selection of asphalt content by incorporating conductive phase materials such as graphite, carbon fiber and steel slag can be obtained at the same time has excellent road and electrical properties of conductive asphalt concrete. Conductive asphalt concrete mixed with different phase conductive material resistivity with the conductive phase material dosage changes, and a comparative analysis. Resistivity test Test results show that: the graphite for enhancing the resistivity effect the best, followed by carbon fibers, slag worst; conductive effect to improve a significant effect on the mixing of the conductive phase composite materials, graphite can be used as the main electrically conductive material, the use of carbon fiber greater long diameter than the advantage of having a conductive bridge and the shorting of the conductive paths, add a small amount of carbon fibers as the auxiliary conductive material, while the slag instead of part of the aggregate may play an enhancing effect. Marshall stability ash through the experimental study of different graphite graphite conductive asphalt concrete. Stability of of conductive graphite asphalt concrete water saturated flooding residual stability test. Rutting test carried out on the the graphite conductive asphalt concrete high temperature stability. The trials test results meet the specification requirements, the graphite conductive asphalt concrete can be used as a new kind of pavement material use. Through the creation of the finite element model of the graphite conductive asphalt concrete temperature field, using ANSYS finite element analysis software calculated the electrothermal effect temperature distribution of graphite conductive asphalt concrete at a certain temperature, and the theoretical results of the pilot test results and calculated by conservation of energy conducted a comparative analysis, to verify the reliability of the finite element calculation, then calculated by the finite element analysis of the impact of different environmental factors on the conductive asphalt concrete for Deicing effect.

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