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The Research on Government Food Safety Regulation

Author LaiLing
Tutor DingBaoHua
School East China Normal University
Course Administration
Keywords Food Safety Government regulation Control system
CLC F203
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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Food is the basis of human survival and development, food safety is an important measure of the quality of people's lives, the level of social management and national legal construction standards, related to the economic development and social stability. In recent years, China's food security status quo is not optimistic, the frequent occurrence of food safety incidents not only human life, health is threatened, and bring interference and threats to the country's economic development, political stability, social stability. Research to strengthen food safety control of our government, in this context, it is particularly urgent and important. In this paper, public administration, public economics theory and method, to expand theoretical research on government food safety control. In the core definition of food safety, government regulation, food safety control based on analysis of the theoretical basis for government intervention in the control of food safety, followed by level of China's food safety control system, control laws and policies, control technology, social impetus, etc. commenced combing the development and current situation, trying to dig up and dissect the role played by the Chinese government in the control of food safety and flawed, and learn from the experience of the United States and the European Union's food safety control, and explore how to integrate existing regulatory resources to strengthen our government food safety control initial proposals and ideas. April 20, 2008, the General Office of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress to the society published the full text of the draft law on food safety, extensively solicit opinions and suggestions of all aspects, to modify, improve the draft law. Since this was written before the publication of the draft, the author of the bill and not enough in some suggestions and countermeasures of strengthening government food safety control embodied in the draft law on food safety in the future, I will continue to strengthen research. In addition to the introduction and conclusion, is divided into four chapters. Introduction: Introduction The purpose of this study, research significance, research situation analysis, research methods, and to define the core concepts of government food safety control. Chapter One: to analyze the theoretical basis for the government to implement food safety control. Public food safety control product attributes, market failure caused by asymmetric information and externalities, as well as the government's public management functions, require the government to intervene in the issue of food safety, the integration of a variety of resources, the implementation of effective control. Chapter II: To clarify the situation and the status quo of our government food safety control, and to analyze the problems and discuss the Government's focus from the four major aspects of the system of government regulation, laws and regulations, and control means to control the technical elements, social impetus food lack of safety controls and things could be better. Chapter 3: food safety control experience of the developed countries. The article describes in detail the regulatory status of food safety in the United States and the European Union, are summarized can learn from, and to prepare the ground for the proposed countermeasures of China's food safety control. Chapter IV: our government food safety control, from four aspects to build a reasonably effective system of government control, and improve relevant laws and regulations of the Food Control Policy, to improve the level of control technology, integration of social resources for our country should be how to strengthen government Food Control recommendations and countermeasures countermeasures, and strive to make a systematic, targeted, novelty. Conclusion: summary of the full text, analysis of the problems that need to be further explored

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