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Study on Vegetation Construction Techniques on Expressway Slope of Yunnan Province

Author ZhangHongLi
Tutor ZhangHongJiang
School Beijing Forestry University
Course Soil and Water Conservation and Desertification Combating
Keywords Expressway protecting slope with vegetation prevention measure of soil erosion
CLC U417.12
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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In order to make a study of vegetation protection effect in expressway slope and the effect of spoil disposal area resuming, and have a definite object in view to adopt appropriate planting technology and soil and water conservation measure system, this paper takes the lithoid slope and spoil disposal area of the representative expressway in Yunnan Province as research object ,uses the methods of testing, vegetation investigation and soil erosion investigation to analyse planting technology on different characteristic slope and the soil erosion in spoil disposal area.Choosing the frutexes which grow fastly and have nitrogen fixation, controlling the ratio of herbage in admixture, and the amount of water and fertilizer rationally. These methods can accelerate the frutexes’maturity on slope, and advance the soil’s repellence to erosion clearly. It’s better to use the frutexes that grow almost to build balanceable and harmonious communities which are maked up of frutexes and herbages. For example, the effect is best to use David Sophora, Desmodium sinuatum, Caricaria nepalensis and Gramineae.In order to expedite the slope’s overlay and enhance the early quality of communities, it’s an effectual method to seed with other place soil and use frutexes that grow fastly. For example, the effect is best to use herbages, frutexes which grow moderately and frutexes which grow fastly or herbages and frutexes which grow fastly.Surface soil is a good kind of nature resource, it has abundant wilding seeds and nitrogen, phosphorus, kalium and fertilizer as well as humus, and it’s good to grow of frutexes.The design amount of herbages affects further’burgeoning, growing and developing mostly, further more it takes on correlativity negatively; When the design density of herbages exceeds definite number, increasing herbages affect communities’quality inapparently. In order to weaken the impact to frutexes, to be insured the prophase growing, it should decrease the planting amount of herbages. On rocky slopes which are seeded with other place soil, the design density of herbages is four hundred per centiare to be ok, don’t exceed seven hundred per centiare, and if the ratio of herbage and frutex comes 0.8 it can be make sure the frutexes’conpetiton in communities.It’s an effective method to adopt air bricks, tyres and ordinary insemination to fixup soil and build vegetation successfully.In spoil disposal area, it’s an effective method to adopt face lifting project, obstruct project, contour frutexes project and vegetation project to renew slope’s status. By changing landform and plants, it can improve the soil’s fertility and repellence to erosion to establish base of comeback and using.

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