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The Influence of Dissipative Cavity Field on the Motion of Atom

Author WangWenTao
Tutor ZhengTaiYu
School Northeast Normal University
Course Theoretical Physics
Keywords Spontaneous Emission dissipative cavity field motion of the atom Weisskopf-Wigner approximation
CLC O431.2
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Before 1946, it is generally accepted that, atom of the spontaneous radiation is a kind of atom connatural attribute, cannot be changed. Before 1946, it is generally accepted that, atom of the spontaneous radiation is a kind of atom connatural attribute, cannot be changed. In 1946, palmer searle, if the atoms first discovered in lumen, under certain conditions of the spontaneous radiation than atom in free space in the rate of spontaneous radiation can change and proof of the spontaneous radiation is not isolated atoms atoms and vacuum behavior, but the consequence of the interaction. In 1963, add nice and KongMingSi established J - C model, good illustrates the atoms in cavity quantum behavior. After that, a series of and cavity related phenomenon have been found. There are Munich university peruzzi and his’s Aaron collaborators in a single atom in 1987 for microwave blaster observed in quantum collapse and recovery phenomenon; In 1987 JieHe etc will research into the model and poisson photon statistics; In 1991 the Thompson at the California institute of technology as a single atom observed in the vacuum rabbi division; In 1995 the ecole college in experimental inspection team brownie’s midfield, the quantization of cavity quantum properties found nonlinear. A door is called the cavity quantum electrodynamics research subject gradually establish and develop. It mainly studies in small atomic and photons interact in a rectangular resonant cavity. Initially focused on rydberg atoms and millimeter wave interaction. With the development of technology, especially 1990s cold atomic technology and parameter test technology development, the high quality micro cavity and atomic cooling and trapping atoms and combination makes the list of single photon of J - C model role you can get a good experimental inspection. Single atoms and single photon in 1992 the coupling between since the so-called strongly interacting, atoms, light field and cavity composed of system has become an important potential applications with the quantum device, not only can be used to explore quantum physics world some of the important tool non-classical behavior, such as schrdinger-cat, quantum measurement, and in quantum computing, quantum state preparation and quantum communication and other fields are of important value.This paper firstly introduces the ideal micro cavity, super cool atoms and atomic spontaneous radiation related research. Based on this study spontaneous radiation on the atomic controlled the influence of mass movement. The results of the study indicate that: for the cold atomic speaking, photon scattering in the influence of mass sport atom is important.This paper first introduces dissipative cavity field, atoms and atoms of the spontaneous radiation related research. Based on the effect of atoms and light field model, and the research of the influence of dissipative cavity field on the motion of atom.

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