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Analysis on Changs of the Landscape Patten in the Area Based on RS and GIS

Author YiJunZhu
Tutor CaoGuangChao
School Qinghai Normal
Course Cartography and Geographic Information Systems
Keywords RS GIS Landscape Indexs Landscape Patten Chang
CLC P901
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Used the way of man-machine interactiving, the sensing images on the two Periods of 1999 and 2006 can be interpreted and bulit the database of types of landscape that can be used for Calculating the landscape than had been chosed..Then data of types of landscape was converted to raster data. In view of the software fragstats3.3, the selected landscape indexs were calculated .By analyzing the various landscape indices,the changes of landscape pattern from 1999 to 2006 were reflected, the results showed that:(1)The heterogeneity of landscape Structure had been increasing.From 1999 to 2006 ,the indexs of PD,SHDI and SHEI had increased. The area of Pasture was the capital landscape type ,the PLAND of others was smaller , the distribution of them was uneven,and landscape patten was Monotonous.To 2006,the investmentment in the capital construction had largely increased.,especially in the town construction sites, the road traffic and water conservancy facilities, the area of them is increasing so rapidly that they Occupyed and divided landscape pattten of Pasture, as increased the level of the space heterogeneity.(2)The shape of landscape was becoming more and more complicated.The PARA_MN, LSI and SHAPE_MN have increased.It reflected that the shape of landscape tended to be complicated.It wasbecause that the landscape of Research areas in the past 7th years had been strongly influenced by human activities on the grass, Farmland and oher landscape types.They had been continually separated and divided by human activities.And the overall shapes of landscape became more complicated.(3)With the increasing of extent of SPLIT in the Research areas,the space heterogeneity had been increasing.(4)In the Research district SHDI tended to increase ;The distribution of landscape patches became increasingly homogeneous. It reflected that landscape patten developed toward diversity and homogeneous after influenced by human activities. The calculated results of the landscape indexs showed that the LSI_MN fluctuated between1.3 and 4.72 ,the LSI_MN of salineland increased significantly ;the LSI_MN of dryland decreased, the others’ change was not obvious;PAFRAC of landscape from 1999 to 2006 changed very Little and FRACT_MN of reservoir,pond and farmland reduced gradually.In short, with the increasing of interference of human activities,the landscape patten developed toward diversity and fragmentary.This paper make an analysis for landscape patten change in 7th years from 1999 to 2006 which can offer some reference for ecological environment change.

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