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Development of Physical Property Measurement System for Electronic Materials

Author GaoJiangHua
Tutor DuHuiLing
School Xi'an University of Science and Technology
Course Materials Science
Keywords Dielectric Polarization Ferroelectric hysteresis Micro-displacement Piezoelectric constant Dielectric temperature characteristic Multi-channel measure
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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Electronic materials are playing more and more increasingly role in swift development’s high and new technology domain, and the application field develops unceasingly. Posed a higher request to the performance and use scope of electronic materials, correspondingly, set a higher demand to the electronic material test method and equipment. Test equipment for Electronic materials included the dielectric properties, ferroelectric and piezoelectric properties. There are obvious differences among the theory of test, methods for testing and equipment.Most overseas equipments are expensive and the precision and stability of domestic equipments are shortage. And the equiment made by domestic research institutions are easy ride system, poor in integration and versatility, which due to the complexity of hardware, and restrict by the sample, and the parameters related to the connect between hardware and software and in the testing system for electrical properties. Based on the development of high precision and stability of test equipment for a good starting point, three kind of electronic material performance test systems are developed that contain ferroelectric hysteresis, micro-displacement and low temperature dielectric characteristic test system. It is shown that each system reached a high level in aspects of functional implementation, performance index and continuation, the system integration has been implemented, the goals of high precision, security and economy was achieved. The main findings are as follows.A high-voltage (1~10kV) under a variety of incentive waves of ferroelectric hysteresis test system has been designed independently. The closed high secure pressure polarization device which can be expanded temperature from the room temperature to 250℃is researched and developed. The polarized signal recuperation and the gathering electric circuit has been designed. Through compiling software, many performances of ferroelectric hysteresis test system were realized. Such as output and enlargement many kinds of test profile, polarized signal gathering, filtering, memory, display the dielectric hysteresis graphical, calculate the characteristic parameter and so on. Through the feedback, system’s accuracy was enhanced. System’s accuracy security was increased by the design of TVS circuit and the biggest clamp voltage or electric current from high-pressured source.The dynamic inductance law micro-displacement test system which can determine polarized security and temperature adjustable has been designed. The micro-displacement tests under conditions of the different temperature from the room temperature to 250℃and different voltage (1~10kV) can be implemented. Using quasistatic method to test the d33 of piezoelectricity material, the system achieves experiment’s accuracy requirement.The low temperature dielectric characteristic test system based on the self-balancing electric bridge (LCR) has been designed which consist heating, cooling, heat preservation and linear warming (1 ~ 10℃/ min optional) System. Four merit position test system and with those corresponding multi-channel analog switch system has been obtained. A friendly man-machine interaction contact surface is compiled. The rotational test of four merit position samples can be implemented in identical temperature point (-180℃~250℃) and different frequency (20Hz~1MHz scope to be elect, each time may choose 1~10 frequency spots), which can accomplish automation temperature characteristic test such as data gathering, memory and graphical display.

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