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The Research for Urban Agglomeration Coordianted of Spatial Structure in China Western Region

Author JiShanShan
Tutor WuYanXia
School Xi'an University of Technology
Course Technology Economics and Management
Keywords Western Region Coordinated development of urban agglomerations Spatial structure Zipf dimension
CLC F299.2
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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The existence of urban agglomeration regional urbanization and urban regionalization, as senior class nature of the phenomenon of regional urbanization, agglomeration and spread the product of joint action. With the accelerated process of modernization of the world within the urbanization and urban, the urban agglomeration as an important and unique area in the urbanization process will cause people to pay more attention. Through this research will promote the continuous improvement of the spatial structure of western region coordinated development of urban agglomerations. This paper analyzes the spatial structure of the urban agglomeration, theory and method of use of regional economics and new economic geography, and Coordinated Development of the spatial structure of the city on the west, more in-depth analysis. In western China, the urbanization level is not high, but also has the initial formation of multiple urban agglomerations. Chengyu urban agglomeration and the development of Guanzhong urban agglomeration with a higher level, large-scale development of the western region so that they have a special historical opportunities and conditions for their accelerated development of great significance. Others such as blue Shiranishi urban agglomeration in central Yunnan urban agglomeration Qianzhong urban agglomerations, the city group Hubao E, Tianshan Mountains city group, as well as North and South Chin anti-city group also formed in the area of ??economic development in the western provinces which they has a dominant position, the economic core regions in the west, and their development will be an important strategic issue in the western modern development process. Papers in the possession of a large amount of data on the basis of the methods and ideas of the fractal theory, first analyzed the basis of the urban agglomerations spatial extent of the western region and the formation of the spatial structure, from the gathered dimension and correlation dimension two aspects of the western regional city group space structure The status of the development of a comprehensive analysis. Followed by analysis of the spatial structure of the status quo in the western region to come to the current problem by comparing the reference and to describe the meaning of the coordinated development of the spatial structure of the western city group and Coordinated Development of the spatial structure of target cities for the western region. Finally, we use the hierarchical structure of scale Zipf dimension Coordinated Development of the spatial structure of the western region cities forecast to determine the direction of the adjustment to calculate and use the R / S analysis method, regression analysis western region spatial structure of the coordinated development of urban agglomerations influencing factors, the process of analysis of the impact of various factors to achieve the goal of the coordinated development of urban agglomeration spatial structure of the western region and to propose appropriate policy recommendations.

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