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The Architecture Digital Design Based on the Complexity Theory Perspective

Author LengTianXiang
Tutor SunYiMin
School South China University of Technology
Course Architectural Design and Theory
Keywords Simplicity Complexity Digital Technology Parametric
Type PhD thesis
Year 2011
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The way of Global development is changing from the pattern of "industry-expansion" to the sustainable pattern of "information-ecological", and simplicity paradigm is being replaced by complexity paradigm. A new type of society——information society is taking shape in the global integration of the digital platform. The traditional drawing board has been replaced by computer screen; most of building professional basis has been changed by emerging technologies-the work of information-based, Internet-based social and environmental and ecological issues.This paper reviews the process that architectural theory has changed from the simplicity paradigm to complexity paradigm intentionally or unintentionally, and points out that the practice of Architecture design reflects some complexity principle after digital technology has become practicality, and these once again proved the truth that only to integrate theory with practice can the development be genuinely achieved. On this basis, the paper explains in detail that the early digital pioneer architects were once among the architects of deconstruction, and after the generalization of digital technology, the trend of trying to find new aesthetic experience and exploring adaptation of technology and sustainable development was beginning to appear. Then, the paper continues to discuss how to use digital technology to deal with problems of localization, and proposes a way of development that integrates theory with practice.The main innovation of the paper is some key points of connecting Complexity theory and architectural digital design practice, and a number of specific practical policy level, and elaborate current digital architectural design practice from the actual operation.Frist, this paper argue that the complexity theory is an important inspiration for architecture, and then build a theoretical framework based on complexity theory perspective. The paper pointed out that the complexity theory re-examine the dialectical relationship between subject and object, order and disorder, and the important role of information. The complexity theory has important implications for architecture; and analyze the current architects who accept complexity theory and digital methods, then build the theoretical framework of a digital architectural design, the framework including three principles from the micro to the macro:double logic, connect and holographic.Second, pointed out that the development of digital architectural design method should base on complexity theory. Distinction between the traditional design methods and design methods of digital.This paper argues that the architectural design methods of digital should pay more attention on the dynamic binding between the conditions, problem-solving process steps (algorithm), and "man-machine" intelligent system.Third, explain the similarity between the traditional concepts of china and complexity theory. Provide a theoretical referencefor for the digital architectural practice of localization. This paper pointed out two similarities between Chinese traditional concepts and complexity theory:organic holism and simple generative theory; and also pointed out the inadequacies of traditional values:do not pay enough attention to quantify, the initiative of unit of system. Chinese traditional concept provide local basis to accept complexity theory for us, and to solve architectural problem by digital technology.

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