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Analysis on Expressway Construction Cost and Control Measures

Author YangYuSheng
Tutor WangXuanCang
School Chang'an University
Course Road and Railway Engineering
Keywords Highway Construction costs Cost components A super Almost evaluation Index system Valuation models The interval number Hamming distance decisions DEA analysis Quantitative decision - making model Control Measures
CLC U491
Type PhD thesis
Year 2009
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With the social and economic development, environmental changes due to construction, the design concept to enhance, inflation and other reasons, the cost of highway construction projects to be delivered from the project, design, construction operations, showing a dynamically changes, and fluctuations. Highway construction costs is more difficult to control, resulting in the budget of the project and budget, ultra-none is more prevalent, to some extent affect the sound and rapid development of the highway. How reasonable the establishment and effective control of highway construction costs, has become the major issues that should be considered. In this context, in-depth system to carry out highway construction costs and Control Countermeasures is of great significance. In this paper, the composition and engineering practice for highway construction costs, combined with China's actual situation, to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the development and control of highway construction costs, the main research content: (1) China 509 of Shaanxi Province, 32 highway construction costs survey summary, detailed analysis of terrain conditions, the number of lanes, width of roadbed construction time, bridge and tunnel than factors such as the impact of highway construction costs and trends, comparative analysis of Shaanxi Province the level of construction costs of the national highway, especially in high-cost projects, has been the changes in the law and the main factors to provide a scientific basis for decision making and cost control for the highway construction. (2) In-depth analysis of embankment construction and installation fees, road, bridge and tunnel, facilities along the cost, with the construction of the various expenses and its proportion of the variation, in particular, new materials, new technologies, new ideas application the impact of the construction costs, thus obtained quantitatively the impact of cost increases for highway construction costs. (3) systematic analysis of the impact of land acquisition and resettlement costs and loan interest during construction of the construction costs of Shaanxi Province and neighboring Shanxi and Sichuan provinces highway and road construction conditions similar land acquisition and resettlement costs were compared and analyzed, was out of the land acquisition and resettlement costs and loan interest on the total cost of the degree of influence. (4) analyze the typical super Almost highway construction costs, in-depth study Shaanxi Provincial Expressway Almost situation, come to the project costs of each component some ultra Almost extent and its main reason. (5) the establishment of a highway construction costs of influencing factors evaluation index system, the method of gray correlation estimates in northern Shaanxi, Guanzhong and southern Shaanxi highway construction cost impact of factors associated coefficient, the road construction costs of the various regions of the critical control factor. (6) According to the main factors that affect the cost of highway construction, for the first time established a cost valuation models, eight influencing factors and the quantitative relationship of the construction project unit mileage cost, provide a theoretical basis for the future New Project Cost Control. (7) The research was supported by the Shaanxi Province, northern Shaanxi, Guanzhong, southern Shaanxi Expressway individual expense ratio range, the cost ratio of individual evaluation grade standard, the establishment of a comprehensive evaluation system based on the the interval number Hamming distance decision; first proposed quantitative decision-making model based on data envelopment analysis, cost control, the unit cost of the overall level of the cost of the proposed highway construction and impact values ??can be measured, to provide scientific and reliable quantitative basis for cost control decisions. Based on the above, for China, especially in Shaanxi Provincial Expressway project, the design, the construction phase of the whole process of construction cost control measures. In summary, this paper first comprehensive system of China of Shaanxi Provincial Expressway Construction costs in-depth study, draw the corresponding variation of cost valuation models and cost control decision-making system, control measures, research on China and the Shaanxi Provincial Expressway Construction cost management and control of important guiding significance.

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