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Improvement of labor income in national income distribution

Author XuTao
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School The Central Party School
Course Political Economics
Keywords Distribution of national income Labor income Improve Capital income tax Public spending
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Year 2011
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This paper aims to study the distribution of national income, labor income improved. The income distribution is one of the important issues in the study of economics: the initial distribution of the national income determines the basic pattern of labor income. Elements under the principle of distribution, combined with the basic national conditions of the two major characteristics of our labor, the laborer itself did not improve the ability of labor income. The introduction of the role of government, while focusing on the re-distribution of the allocation of the main research provides a new entry point for the labor income improvement. Such logical ideas, this article tries to specific measures for improvement of labor income attributed to changes in government revenue and public expenditure policy by the dominant industrial structure optimization and functional urbanization path to a substantial improvement of labor income, and to improve the quality of life of the broad masses of the people. Clarify the reasons for study of labor income in the national income distribution improved, after defining the object of study, overview of classical economics, neoclassical economics, Keynesian economics and Marxist economics, economic freedom and labor income theory. Retrospective and analysis of the theory of economic freedom in the economic history and labor income constitutes a theoretical starting point and the basis of this study the distribution of national income and labor income problem. On this basis, the paper summarizes the impact of labor income improved labor relations in the initial distribution, changes in the industrial structure as well as the main income distribution pattern. This paper analyzes the main difficulties and obstacles to the improvement of China's labor income, there are two main characteristics of China's rural labor force, the coexistence of the urbanization of the existing dual structure unreasonable, the three industries Nonconforming the evolution of labor income, and education to improve the role of long-term by overlooked. Due to the presence of non-equilibrium of the labor market in China, the paper does not contain labor income, including theoretical models. Government revenue and expenditure policies for the improvement of labor income in the perspective of national income distribution, leads to improved capital income taxes and improved public expenditure policy, and stressed the important role of government regulation in the distribution of national income. The main idea of ??the model representation is the key to the improvement of labor income is not in the workers themselves, but rather the government's macroeconomic policies to divert benign flow of factors of production. Relative to labor income tax and consumption tax, capital income tax distortions in the economy. Optimal capital income tax may be zero in the case of a balanced economy. However, the extreme imbalance of national income in the initial distribution pattern of labor - capital share, in addition to the existing tax structure and tax policy, it is necessary to establish a capital income tax \labor - the role of capital income pattern. The current level of economic development in China and the \public spending on public infrastructure in the industry (consumer investment). This group improved public revenue and expenditure measures conducive to the optimization of our national income distribution pattern of (main income pattern) again, conducive to the capital stock of benign liquidity promote the optimization of the industrial structure in China, which is the the thesis so-called labor income initial improvement. Initial labor income improved on the basis of the further refinement of the government is conducive to the people's livelihood improved macroeconomic policies, the so-called labor income in the papers again improved. Economics research rational allocation of resources, in the final analysis, is a reasonable combination of elements. From a historical perspective, the country's economic development policy is based on the development of the country's population based on 30 years of reform and opening up in China is to establish the basis of China's \With the development of China's population situation is about to enter a new stage of history - the \to \Therefore, improvement of labor income and to include more content: ① better combination, need to make the consumer elements of the non-labor factors of production and labor in order to make better combination. In fact, for our non-labor from the total and the total proportion of the reality of the \Such elements combination strategy is the development of urbanization in China policy, the basis of industrial development policies and public spending policy. Therefore, improved policies to promote the combination of elements and people is the the thesis so-called labor income again improved. Improvement of labor income, the substantive involvement of government forces. Government tax policy, the need for the innovation improved capital income tax is immediate, reasonable and effective benign liquidity for capital factors of production, in order to promote industrial structure optimization and reasonable process of urbanization, better production elements combined with labor; government spending policies, the need to change the government in the combination of ideas to solve the \, which is conducive to the improvement of labor income. The improvement is the full development of the human labor income based on the full development of the human need to the various elements of a person's reasonable, effective combination, to improve the people's livelihood improvement for the content of labor income is the main thrust of economic development, social progress.

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