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Air traffic control system, human error research

Author SuWenGuo
Tutor LiZhongBin
School Huaqiao University
Course Business Administration
Keywords Air Traffic Control (ATM) referred to ATC Air Traffic Controller (ATCO) referred to ATC Human Error (HE) Human Factors (HF)
CLC V355.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Human Factors (Human Factor) is a major factor in inducing aviation accidents, which has the world's civil aviation industry is not an indisputable fact. From the three stages of development of civil aviation point of view: \: The third stage of development, it continues with new technologies to improve the safety of civil aviation, early flight accidents caused by technical factors up to 8O% has been gradually reduced to 2O%, while human factors never 2O% raised to 8O%. \human factors will affect the long period of civil aviation security key factor. Therefore, to address human factors and prevention of human error HE (Human Error) will be further reduced flight accident rate and improve the level of flight safety an important way. With the rapid development of civil aviation and air transport traffic continues to grow, as the air transportation system, the three pillars of safe air traffic control ATM (Air Traffic Management), is facing increasing security and safety of air traffic control operating pressure, air traffic control systems gradually increased potential operational risks. The air traffic controller ATCO (Air Traffic Controller) human error is affecting the safety of air traffic control system is a major factor, but also the presence of the ATC system chronic disease for many years. From a security management perspective, the controller of the problem is due to human error in the controller to provide air traffic control services ATS (Air Traffic Control Service) process caused by poor human performance, belonging to human factors errors. In today's air traffic control system, with the scientific and technological progress mechanical reliability has been significantly improved, the human factor is the system weakest link, and therefore must take effective measures to reduce human error and its impact. Air traffic control errors in the study of human factors and system controllers interaction between a variety of ways, which helps to reveal the main factors of an event, whether it is system or controllers; improve system security, prevent possible unsafe events. Through this paper the past five years China ATC system that occurred within 67 unsafe event analysis to study the air traffic controller errors in the statistical laws of human factors. The use of human factors theory from the air traffic controllers work processes, ATC automation, air traffic control and other aspects of resource management team analyzes the work of air traffic control human factors aspects of the existence of security risks, and considering the hardware and software equipment and human physiological and psychological characteristics and other factors, a detailed analysis of the air traffic controllers of human error resulting contributing factors, combined with the actual work of air traffic control, and put forward China's current air traffic control for the human factors issues countermeasures. The paper also through research and human interface elements constituting the relationship between people's own strengths and limitations in order to seek the best elements and controllers match the ATC system to achieve the best overall efficiency, thus ensuring empty pipe safety, to prevent unsafe incidents ATC.

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