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Computer-aided Design of Automatic Coal Moisture, Ash and Volatile Analyzer

Author ZhangChangLu
Tutor SuZhiJian
School Zhengzhou University
Course Mechanical Design and Theory
Keywords Modular Intelligent Heating Furnace Modularization Temperature Field Finite Element Analysis PLC Programming
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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With the improvement of people’s living standard, the demand for energy is increasing continuously. As an important component of energy, coal plays an important role in economic development and social progress. As a special instrument to test the coal quality, coal quality analyzer could analyze and study the coal quality, which is beneficial to make full use of coal resource as to reduce energy waste and environmental pollution. In order to meet the needs of market, in this thesis, we studied the structure optimization and intelligent control and gived a new method of solving practical problems under the guidance of modularization, serialization, intellectualization, integration, in this way the coal quality analyzer can be improved.The contents of this paper include:construction of mechanical drive, structural design and finite element analysis of heating furnace, programming and development of PLC. In my paper, modularization design is based on universal straight-line module assemblies, which have the advantages of strong commonality, high driving accuracy, durable, easy to install, so the cost was significantly reduced. According to the requirements and the work characteristics of the coal quality analyzer, we analyze the structure and inner temperature field of the coal quality analyzer with finite element analysis to make sure the rationality of the furnace temperature control. When designing and choosing the mechanical transmission components, I not only analyze the force but also build the analytical model of transmission mechanism’s heat conduction,simultaneously, particularly analyzes the state of the transmission about the heat energy of the furnace chamber in every part of the transmission system. It provides evidence for the components’ design about the control and lubrication of the thermal deformation; Control system adopts PLC control and it has a high level of universalization, low breakdown rate and shortens the development cycle of the control system at the same time.Compared with the similar coal quality analyzer, in accordance to the differences of function and commercialization, our coal quality analyzer includes seven parts: general framework, heating furnace, transmission mechanism, controller, measuring mechanism, power supply, and machine box. Each module can be separately installed in the general framework independently. And the transmission mechanism, controller and measuring mechanism can adopt the components with high generalization to improve its modular and standardization. This makes manufacture, assembly and maintenance efficient, meanwhile enhances the reliability of the system greatly.In terms of the design method, in my paper, we set up the 3D geometrical model of each component with Solidworks, which laid the foundation of modularization and parametric design, comprehensively analyze the temperature field of the heating furnace and thermal conduction of the actuator. The usage of modern design method improves the standard of design of the coal quality analyzer significantly and paves the way for realizing modularization and standardization of the coal quality analyzer’s design and manufacture.

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