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Study on the Poems Written about Life in Northeast Frontier during Sui and Tang Dynasty

Author PengFei
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School Jilin University
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Keywords Sui and Tang dynasties Northeast frontier fortress Poetry creation Study
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Year 2011
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In ancient China ,the northeast of China includes Heilongjiang, Jilin, liao ning ,eastern Inner Mongolia and North-East of He bei province. There were a lot of minority; its production and lifestyle are different from Han nationality. under comparative severe living conditions and the unique natural geographical environment , people who lives in northeast of china have strong determination, forceful spiritual and cheerful personality ,so do the literature .Frontier fortress poetry in tang dynasty is the most touching poem among Frontier fortress poetry , its prosperity and high degree of artistic achievement is based on country’s prosperous , and cultural exchanges home and abroad , is also based on previous generations on the theme field, military poetry art etc . Due to the frontier fortress poetry obtained an enormous success , and later generation also take it as the climax of the tang poetry.During Sui and tang dynasties, in the vast northeast frontier, there are Mo He live koguryo, kitan, Xi, shiwei, ulohun and danluo ethnic minorities, they competed , communicated and lived together . The relationship between the central imperial and minority area makes a unique blend of infiltration entity. Meanwhile, the minority activity exploit the northeast territory, creating the northeast civilization.Peace is the mainstream of the relations between the two sides, occupying absolutely important position. For three hundred years in the long history of the period, the war time between central imperial and northeast frontier is no more than a decade. The reason for it, on the one hand, emperors put liberal progress view to the northeast minority, and treated them equally with the Han nationality. Promoting mutual development and prosperity ,liberal progress view of the central imperial court, is not only needed by the authority but also the northeast area . Many ethnic contradictions is solved by it. On the other hand, sui tang dynasty implement relatively correct instituted policies. In addition , The central imperial use flexible national policy, which received actual effect of strengthening northeast China, also makes the northeast peoples public enjoy peaceful development environment. The sustainable development of the qidan nationality makes it become bohai kingdom eventually .and the implementation of these policies works. Conversely, from the northeast areas of minority perspective, on the one hand, in the northeast region minority and han nationality have the same ancestor On the other hand, until sui dynasty established, the northeast has already become inherent to the central imperial. Therefore, in sui dynasty, they have established tributary, Two dynasties take over the border area without arms. And the minorities are pleased with the central imperial national economic, cultural exchange, paving the way of peaceful.Then look at war. In the class society , the war between different nationalities is inevitable, it’s nationality contradiction contentious performance and highest development form, is a kind of outspread political. War in the northeastern frontier in the sui dynasty is only a secondary position but important position in the history of relations between the two sides. Especially when it reflects this period the frontier works of the army soldiers, soil conservation defend edge, shows strong patriotic ideas for the the pain of war for disaster. Through the analysis of the cause of northeast minority and sui tang dynasty, the general outlook poetry creation northeast shall be outlined.Although the army soldiers local war described sui and tang dynasties, the main content of poetry creation northeast reflects human landscape, northeast frontier national association of also have quite charming. Sui and tang dynasties, northeast territory range include Liaohe river, battalion states, Jin men, Ji zhou and You zhou, that is the northeast of hebei province and beijing-tianjin region. This area is a typical continental monsoon climate, four distinct seasons. Due to the high latitudes, winter is bitter, qing dynasty’s people called it an "absolutely domain", "absolutely plug". Especially the alpine zone with daxinganling and changbai mountains snow, no perennial summer seasons. And even in liaohe river and YouYan areas, the cold climate of northeast China people also had a big influence on life, making a unique regional consciousness and physical features, that they have a strong body, strong determination, roundly stubborn character and forceful and enterprising spirit,which can be engaged in the tough, brave, magnificent activities.Northeast has forested mountains and water system, because of this unique natural geographical environment, local people choose to gather and hunt way of life. The pioneers of the ancient in northeast usually go hunting and gofishing, northeast ancients formed a hard-working, brave tough character because of this.History by northeast frontier relatively is less affected by culture of the central plains orthodox restrict. comparing with the imperial culture ,its peculiar order of the fishing and hunting culture is an outstanding natural humanity and exuberant vitality, thus forming both south and north bone , pure and fresh nature, the culture is vigorous and heroic aesthetic style, the south for north show, colorful Chinese literature -- an artistic vitality, laid the aesthetic basis. An eternal masterpiece of tang period , a great poet called CuiHao changed his writing style after he had worked Hedong army, became a great poet . Not CuiHao alone, sui and tang dynasties time many of the j Confucianism, master is influenced too, instead, such art style virile bones formation of northeast frontier and nature of regional characteristics and the national character, closely related factorsIndeed, compared with highly developed zhongyuan han culture, northeast of ancient culture is a kind of weak culture. Similarly, in northeast ancient literature and the central plains, the northeast ancient literature has its special character, but generally is still follow the development of central literature. But we must see the value of literature, northeast of ancient Chinese literature lies not in the form of innovation, or to push some of ancient Chinese literature, but what makes contribution in zhongyuan literature existing foundation. The unique natural environment and the modes of production and life contributed to northeast China people’s gracious personality, strong determination and forceful and spirit. Correspondingly, their literary works also reflected a pure and fresh and natural style. the history of northeast China ancient, literature is one of the factors that cannot be ignored, conducts the research to today’s cultural construction and provide reference and cultural development with inspiration, and this is the important northeast ancient literature .

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