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Multifunctional Prosthesis Control System Development Base on EMG Signal Decoding

Author YuLong
Tutor WuLuShen
School Nanchang University
Course Precision instruments and machinery
Keywords EMG signal (EMG) Signal decoding Myoelectric prostheses Virtual reality Real-time control
CLC R197.39
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Bionic neural machine interface technology, information decoding technology and state-of-the-art robot control technology, the development of a new generation of high-performance rehabilitation prosthetic control system for motor function rehabilitation mutilated restore their limb motor function, is an important direction of modern rehabilitation engineering. Surface muscle electrical signal (surface electromyogram, referred sEMG) have more convenient access, the signal is relatively stable, so take it as a control signal of human-computer interaction, control multifunction prostheses has become a hot topic. The surface EMG as a multi-function prosthetic control signal source, through the study of its characteristics, design the corresponding amplifier and acquisition system, multiple signals can be collected through this acquisition system; then decode the signal acquisition and design action classification ; final development of virtual reality training platform and multi-function prosthetic real-time control systems. The basic characteristics of the analysis of surface electromyography, the preamplifier and the main amplifier design according to their characteristics. Preamplifier placed in the collection electrode at its amplified and filtered signal is weak and vulnerable to interference characteristics in a timely manner; role of the main amplifier frequency interference signal higher multiples of amplification and further filtering and eliminating workers. Design surface EMG acquisition system through the system, real-time monitoring of multiple signals, selective processing, offline or online stores the signal to the hard disk. Decode the acquisition of surface EMG study the characteristics of the time domain and frequency domain characteristics. Design several classifiers, and by experiments comparing various advantages and disadvantages of the classifier, select the classifier as the classifier of the system with a more advantage. Based on the the Simulink tools developed virtual reality the prosthetic control training platform. Through this platform, the amputation of persons with disabilities can exercise and to assess its ability to control the prosthesis so as to solve the direct use of the myoelectric prosthetic exercise to bring them psychological burden. In addition, through this platform can also study the performance of real-time control of multifunction prostheses EMG-based decoding. Myoelectric arm on the market for users and system needs improvements; design corresponds to the drive circuit, a control circuit; development of real-time control system for three-degree-of-freedom myoelectric arm, through the system, amputation for persons with disabilities real-time control of myoelectric prostheses, to control the effect of a conscious, free.

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