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Development of Organic Laser Device under Electrical Pumping

Author LinJie
Tutor LiuXingYuan
School Graduate Schoo,Chinese Academy of Sciences
Course Condensed Matter Physics
Keywords Organic semiconductor Laser Electrically pumped Optical microcavity UV LEDs UV laser Threshold current density
Type PhD thesis
Year 2011
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1996, University of California, Santa Barbara, Heeger research team for the first time to achieve light-pumped solid-state conjugated polymer laser. Since then, the realization of electrically pumped organic semiconductor laser has become one of the main objectives of organic optoelectronics. This paper systematically summarizes electrically pumped organic microcavity semiconductor laser device design theory. Using the transfer matrix method combined with a theoretical simulation of organic micro-cavity semiconductor laser mirror, the optical properties of the cavity and the device's internal standing wave field distribution. Resonance peaks and laser materials fluorescence peaks consistent and active region located in the cavity standing wave field antinode position of principle, it is possible to determine the organic layers in the cavity distribution. Combined with the intrinsic spectrum of the material, it can be calculated from the center wavelength of the laser device, the full width at half peak intensity. Finally, an electrically pumped organic semiconductor laser device of the threshold current calculation model, preliminary estimates of the threshold current density of the organic laser device. Developed electrically pumped UV organic semiconductor laser. First obtain the organic ultraviolet electroluminescent light emitting devices (1) to achieve a high external quantum efficiency of the organic UV electroluminescent light emitting. ② use of non-symmetrical structure to the visible light component is suppressed to obtain high color purity UV OLED in about a half width of the peak at between 367nm-400nm 10nm. The maximum output power density of more than 2mW/cm ~ 2. ③ the total thickness of the organic layer is only 50nm, broke the the OLED field of a consensus. ④ UV OLED excitation trichromatic phosphor color rendering index of more than 90 white. Developed on the basis of high performance UV organic electroluminescent UV lasing electrically pumped organic laser diode. Laser wavelength of 398nm, the threshold current density of 700mA/cm ~ 2. Developed a green output C545T electrically pumped organic laser devices, the threshold current density 200mA/cm ~ 2, center wavelength of 517nm, FWHM 2.05nm, the beam quality of M2 = 22 waist radius w0 = 0.0768mm, waist location L0 = 90.67mm, the Rayleigh size Z0 = 1.83mm, far-field divergence angle theta = 0.042 rad. Using the FWHM only a 28nm new type of laser dyes DFQA doped Alq as the active layer, the electric pump organic microcavity laser devices were prepared. Laser center wavelength of 552nm, the threshold current density 286mA/cm to 2 the laser spectral half-width from 5.44nm narrowing to 2.31nm, the output power of more than 1 mW. 650nm laser laser treatment, plastic fiber-optic communications applications. We use a high-performance red laser dye DCJTI to as a guest material, the hole transport layer of NPB and electron transport layer, Alq as a host material together to prepare a mixture hetero structure electrically pumped organic semiconductor laser device. The laser device is a bottom emission structure, the center wavelength of the laser at 647 nm, the threshold current density of from 430mA/cm ~ 2, the FWHM of the laser narrowing from 14.5 nm to 4.02nm.

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